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UK’s Surveillance Reach Is Greater Than That of US (We Told You So): Edward Snowden [The Whistleblower] New Round of Tangible Evidence on The Great New Western Surveillance-Police State (with an added discussion on intelligence services)

Well, we have been telling and warning the lot of you out-there for some time now that even with the calls for legitimization of surveillance-police state via official state-laws such as the Snoopers Charter the UK security and policing services have never had problem of a blank-snooping powers on everyone, innocent or not. Why?

First, in answering above question [the why] one has to understand that the UK has always been traditionally a police state (or rather an highly advanced and sophisticated surveillance-police state), so nothing should surprise you.

Secondly, in response to the many apologists in defence of ‘security over privacy’ claims (in other words, or rather to put it in the words of the chicken-head Mr. Hague, the UK Foreign Secretary, and US Pres. Obama, self-defence on the leaks is that, ‘the innocent should not be worried‘, righhhhhht!). The truth is rather opposite, as the original ‘apologists defence argument’ miss a very critical important point: that it is actually the not-to-worry innocent who should be the-worried since their are less ‘professionally’ prepared to deal with the extent of surveillance on their privacy, whereby the actual ‘criminals’ and so-called modern ”terrorists” usually tend to posses abundant resources, capabilities and know-hows (knowledge) to forever hide away from the snooping reach of the long arm of legal-criminals (namely, police and security services of the state); they use similarly, or at times more advanced, sophisticated tools of encryption or evasion-tactics (such utilizing cyber-dead-letter-drop approach; espionage lingua for passing message without actual establishing a contact between two or even a group of individuals) and so forth.

Now, before we provide the links (see at the end of this post for the reading materials) to today’s new breaking story on the sensational new leaks by one of the modern resistance hero, Messr. Edward Snowden (others being of course Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Hugo Chavez RIP etc), lets refresh ourselves on what is the true nature of security/intelligence services? (for old post and discussions on this just-type ‘Security Services or Intelligence’ on this blog ‘search box/space’ above, or see this brief old post here).

The True Nature of Intelligence-Security Services

There is one very simple truth about these types of organizations, which operates on the ancien logic that ‘to catch a thief or criminal one needs to turn into a criminal’. This is the true nature of these services: these are the officially ‘licensed’ (legitimatized) Organized Crimes/Criminal Organizations. Every author or ex-service-person who broke the association out of moral questioning of their character and activities (and be lucky to be left still alive; as Messr. Snowden might end up dead as himself fears, or imprisoned away from the rest of outside world forever like Bradley Manning) will support such a truth of a criminal character.

For example, the popular espionage author, John Le Carre (not his real name, the author of Tailor, Tinker and Spy) has always portrayed and also stated such a fact openly or via his ‘fictional’ characters (also see other posts here by searching ‘NSA OR GCHQ’ leaks for his Guardian Article); take for example one of his best know work turned into a TV Series, A Perfect Spy, we are told of such a reality throughout but perhaps the words of one of the secondary character (playing an American CIA) towards the primary character, Magnus (MI6 Spy), illustrates this clearly as the CIA colleague tells Magnus how ‘we’ (that professional spies) are nothing but psychopaths and criminals and that the only different with the actual equivalent (that organized criminals) is that the professional spies are licensed criminals under the pay of the state!

There many other sources, however we will stop with one of my own written [popular] piece on the nature of these organizations, which I will republish here (I published this originally on my professional blog: here). Enjoy and be informed.

The Reprinted Article:

What Is The Meaning and Utility of The Secret Security Services, Really?

In the so-called age of ”Global War On Terror” and the Media-Spins, we have never been further away from the old ‘fascination’ and discussions of what it is, really, that sect known to us as the secret security services, especially when applied to our ‘democratic’ western states?

Away from all the usual crappers of the societal daily dosages of oblivious and ignorance if we really examine the facts what can be seen, literally, that is visible, as the truth of what these sects are, which can never hid, even with titanic of efforts, as the old wise African say goes (and supported by ‘science’, in the fashion of the modern shamans, the psychologists and mind-experts), is that ‘in a child you will find the tomorrow adult, in the adult you will still find the yesterdays child’ (my use of words) from the truth of their nature.

What above statement means is that no one can hide perfectly ones nature and properties of character from others (if it exists, it is observable: the old scientific dictum), hence, we can see what these secret security services for what they really are—- SECRET POLICE/STATES ARM OF TERROR: criminal organizations. But do Not take my words for it, let me introduce you all to my guest, an old experienced practitioner, with extensive intimate knowledge on western security services, The Late Messr. Hans Von Dach.


Now, let me introduce to you all a Swiss resistance fighter, patriot and a great soldier with experiences and intimate knowledge of both the ”democratic” and ”non-democratic” secret police arms, in functions and characteristics, Major Hans Von Dach (Bern), the author of the great work, Total Resistance.

Monsieur Maj. Dach & The characteristics of the Secret Security Services:

He writes;

” Actually, the state security services is less a police organisation than a terror organisation”.


m-o-n-d-i-e-u!!! (I am trying to do Hercule Poirot ‘sarcastic surprise’, which means ‘my god’).

The Major goes on adding;

”The state security services exist less on effective results than on a reputation of terror”.


Oh My, to think about it…. But nevertheless, we have already tackled this way way before, as I stated, these organisations are useless and their only use is that of putting fear into the hearts of those they claim to protect for the ventured interests of the few (whom ever can pay them anything more, hence, during the so-called Cold War age, each side saw defections enticed by who pays more, to the present!)

Anyway back to the Major, as he continues by saying;

”The Secret Security Services is not bond by firm rules and laws. In contrast to the normal police it has no intentions of acting in a preventive capacity by its mere presence or to find culprits, if necessary, but rather it operates on the principle that ”to prevent is better than to heal”, meaning, each person who might become a potential enemy is liquidated now as a preventive measure, in many cases even before he has committed himself against the powers of being. For this reason entire sections of the population or professional groups rather than just specific individuals are systematically exterminated”


You said it, Major. Hence, when I hear idealist fools arguing about the righteousness or not of torture and anything that looks like ”interfering with the usual culture of these actors” I just laugh out aloud, because only fools care, and those who knows, knows not to care, as in the end the culture of torture, secret sales of arms, or training, or regime changes, or support of tyrants or surveillance of citizens, or terrorisation of sections of population at home and away, all these will continue as long as these organisation (embedded deep into our psyche as important part of our security and existence, heil!) exist, so will these; and no pen-pushing, day-dreaming, beer-belging fool can change these, only in their fantasy world, in reality these will continue, hurrah to criminality (and they lock up 11yrs old kids for ‘stealing’ a rubbish bin from a shopping mall—blimey, what a world!!!!!!).

Anyway, lets close up with our Major final words, as he says;

”The culture of distrust is not caused by the professional as such, but is part of the system. No official can deviate from the line. Each must surpass automatically his colleagues in ”cruelty”, ”loyalty to the system” and ”hate towards the enemy”. As a result, he adds, everyone is watching each other”


By George, Just Beautiful. I am not going to ruin this with further explanations.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what it is, that is secret security services, in simple words, state-sponsored terrorism or organized crime.

Thank You.

The Reading Materials on The New Breaking Leaks:

Access to the future 3 GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world’s communications
Mastery of the internet will mean mastery of everyone Henry Porter
British spy agency has access to global communications, shares info with NSA
Report: Records expose U.K. spying
The British Spying Program is Even Bigger than the NSA’s, Baby
How GCHQ set out to spy on the world wide web
Others of mere reading interests:
Ex-Enron boss sentence reduced
Pharmaceutical scandal: firms boast of profits on drugs that cost ‘pennies’
Heart-stopping moment 2-year-old Chinese girl falls from a fifth-floor window and is caught by passers-by | Mail Online
Soca ‘suppressed report of hacking’
Skype ‘helped NSA to access data’


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