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News Alert & Important Advice: First Bombing Target on Midlands Muslim, The Ever-Spinning Pork Story & Watch Out For Your Cars!

The Advice: The Targeting of Muslim Cars

First and fore most lets deal with a little important advisory statement for the benefit of local Leicester/British Muslims.

The advice is based on a professional common-sense and the general ability to keep ‘one step ahead’ of criminals/hooligans [etc]: based on understanding and assessment provided via criminal intelligence and analysis studies.

In short, if you are a Muslim and you own a car, motorbike or any motor-vehicle, and are in habit (perhaps out of pride or whatever personal or religious-cultural reasoning) of displaying some Islamic symbols openly (from prayers beads to ‘Allah’, duas or suras decorations) on your vehicles, we would strongly advice that you start to condition yourself to taking these off and hid them aside/inside (out of ease view) dashboard compartment etc just like you might do with your car CD/Radio players. This process will remove any association of the car/bike to your religious affiliation and beliefs, and thus avoid being an easy target to local hooligans/criminals associated to local EDL-BNP parties as a result of such association; namely, being a Muslim Car.

You see the frustration-aggression condition illustrates that when one is denied an ease access towards direct bodily/physical harm on you as a person of hate-target, the frustrated aggressor will seek to ‘get to you’ in any other ways, hence the car parked somewhere which is then stumbled upon accidentally (that a crime of opportune, not planned) might provide an ease and readily available choice of targeting of your car in order ‘to get to you’, or at least having a desired feeling of having get to you symbolically (‘I smash your car, because I want to smash you/and I smashed you’, in a sense).

The News Alert One: The First Bomb Attack On A British Muslim Community’s Heart, A Mosque and Islamic Centre.

The first registered attack occurred close to us here in the midlands, at Walsall, check out the respective articles below. What one needs to take from the act is the possibilities of future attacks utilizing the same tactics (that deliberate bombing targets; an act when acted out by Muslim would be labelled not as ‘Hate Crime’  but ”act of terror”). In short, keep your eyes and ears alert to any suspicious things out of place or people out of place (they might just use their own ‘suicide bomber’, sending in someone inside a Mosque during packed Jummah Prayers and detonate).

The Story Sources:

[1] Guardian: Device outside mosque was bomb | World news | The Guardian

[2] Leicester Mercury: ‘Hate crime’ at mosque | Leicester Mercury

News Alert Two: The Pork In Schools Drama

You remember how we covered this previously and how we showed the deliberate secretly planned agenda to ‘spin or downplay’ the seriousness of the story (if not familiar with the past post you must first it before continuing onward, click here for our earlier rebuttal). Well now the accused party, Paragon Quality Foods, issued a statement saying it will no longer proceed with the ”legal action against the council” (we have explained on the above link the true ‘meaning’ of the ‘legal action’), and perhaps most importantly, and without a doubt as a result of our rebuttal and challenges, the council announces it will no longer go about issuing anymore statements on the story (because in the past, see the link above, they tried to spin it out of trouble by claiming that they might have been wrong with the ‘first tests’!). Anyway here is the link to the new story on Leicester Mercury (click here).

Be Alert!!!

Other News Headlines:

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