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On 26th May 2017, a week after Manchester Ariana Grande’s concert attack, I tweeted these exact word advising the UK Security State, Downing Street and Theresa May that she needed another ‘’attack’’ before election’s day on Thursday 08th June 2017 because the British voters are not still buying her #StableAndStrong leadership which continued to take a battering with refusal to meet with ‘’enemy/opposition’’, Mr. Corbyn of Labour Party, face-to-face in debating policies in public; because of her ever u-turns on social housing, taxes, schools, chidlrern policies and with possible rising of taxes and national insurance (bring it back after initial u-turn). And her continuing weaknesses in office while ‘’attacks’’ rises; from being Home Office to Downing Street (unelected).

So it appears the UK Security State and the ruling establishment were on same thinking: believing only another attack might help to prop up the falling fortunes of their more preferred electoral candidate, namely, Mrs. May of the nasty Tories. From Manchester their hopes were defeated in reversal as voters still moved closer to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and away from the #WeakAndWobbly Theresa May and the nasty Tory party. They tried to sway the entire Fleet Street (UK mainstream media) against Corbyn, attacking him from every corner; terrorist sympathiser (and when this failed), not committed to UK’s national security by refusing to use nuclear weapons (Trident), which still failed; after all, who in his or her right mind will even seek answer to if a candidate of national leadership is prepared to commit national and humanity’s death by using nuclear weapons?

So today, Sunday 4th June 2017, four days before the deciding election date, the ruling elites collided yet again with the UK Security State to launch another ‘’act of terror’’ and blame it on ‘’terrorists’’ just to prop up a losing candidate and party; Mrs. May and nasty tories.

Yes, what happened in London (Bridge) was an act of state-sponsored terrorism on own citizens. Ask yourself who says ‘This is for All’. Not a single act of Islamic ‘’terrorism’’ has been recorded with these words. Their mere acts are for God (Allah), but their reasoning is always ‘This is for Global Muslims (Ummah)’, ‘This is for Syria’ etc. But UK Security State used ‘This is for Allah’ deliberately [a] if they allowed ‘This is for Syria’ then the debate will continue of whether UK’s foreign Policy is to be blamed; interferring in others wars etc, after all Clausewitz (military strategist) warned, ‘no enemy is an inanimate object, if you strike them, they will strike you back!’. [b] They avoided using ‘This is for Muslim’ for sake of internal peace, by showing that it was not ‘’in the name of Muslims’’ but religion, hence deliberate phrasing of ‘’This is for Allah’’! Another evidence is this was a three-men team, as presented to the media. Then if it was a three men team then you would [a] have expected to be, in accordance to terrorism modus operandi, seeking maximum deaths and covering wider areas; in other words, the three individuals would have splitted up to cover bigger range for maximum wide spread chaos and deaths. [b] why all committed in same small area and not using each own vehicle for maximum casualties/carnage and making easier to be dealt with; why not corrdinate like Paris in timing? And more questions.

To sum up. London Bridge attack registered Saturday 3rd June was the work of the State attacking or commiting acts of terror on it’s own subjects/citizens for sake of diverting attaention away from losing elections or refocsuing support on unpopular candidate for voters.

O, watch House of Cards season 5, as Frank Underwood creates ‘fears of terrorism’ to win re-election as he was losing to his opponent. Watch V for Vendetta to see how state collides. Finally I am not a conspiracy theorist I have intimate understanding of the extent of the work of security services; no limits exists to their crimes when it comes to to defending the ‘realm’.



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