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#DontTouchMe (Halsden, Willsden): The Rallying War/Jihadi Mobilization for UK Muslims (as a result of the stupid Northern Ireland Tactics)

This week (24th – 30th April 2017) will go down in the British history as one of the most defining moment on relations and existed peace between the British State/Society and it’s Muslim communities. This was the week that we,

  • first of all saw the clear signs of the final mobilization of the ‘Generation Jihadi’ of Britain as they are coming of age and catching up with their younger & older continental generations; the reason why in UK it took this long is many but I will not discuss these here …
  • and perhaps most significant – and equally dramatically – to be very explosive in relations and future acts of escalations of war between the two, is the British state foolish use of discredited heavy-handed old favored Northern Ireland tactics against IRA. In Northern Ireland whenever the IRA would conduct operations against occupying British forces, the invading occupying forces will go around with heavy-handed kicking-down doors, harassing innocent communities and families deemed sympathetic or know to have had close relations with local members of IRA. This is what we have been seeing in UK most recent and this week in specific just after ”events” and aftermath harassment, intimidation and terrorisation (targeted the mind of the entire Muslim communities; as if to say ‘see what we can do, so stay put and do not do anything or we will come hard on you’), then we suddenly see these innocent Muslim young women, girls and young boys released without charges.
  • The tactics are based in war-time and within war-defined territories when undertaking counter-insurgency, guerrilla or ”counter-terrorism” operations which dictates – as standard operating procedure – that the state forces should equally TERRORIZE the loyalist or sympathetic local population, families, friends and acquaintances (even if you met only once – you will be targeted) through the use of equally heavy-handed tactics.

So with the escalation of the new internal ”micro-civil war” between the British state vs the Muslim populations inside UK through the foolish application of heavy-handed tactics of greater-targeted (intentionally) intimidation, harassment and terrorisation of Muslim communities [after so-called and claimed ”foiled plots” lies] and without a doubt – with lack of cultural appreciation, another form of foolishness in the state’s behavior – is the [MAN]HANDLING OF MUSLIM YOUNG WOMEN BY NON-MUSLIM MEN! O, dear us, this single act just ACTIVATED SLEEPER CELLS, NEW RECRUITS AND JUST BROKE THE ‘TACIT SOCIAL CONTRACT’ THAT EXISTED BETWEEN THE BRITISH STATE/SOCIETY AND THE MUSLIM COMMUNITIES OF PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE AND STAYING AWAY FROM VIOLENT ”RADICALS”.

In other words, the swing vote and open support of the ”no sides” communities just swung to the Muslim resistance fighters and their messages of defiance and fight-back. For the State, these new videos and images just became ”national security” problem and the young Muslim girl shoot in the over-reaction behavior at Willsden this week and his defiant proud Muslim outcry of ‘Don’t touch me or my body’ just acted as a mobilization call for recruits and actions. You see better to shot Muslim women than trying to touch them, especially if you are not Muslim and a man, oh shit — this single act just … lets not say much and just watch!

These are the collections of mainstream media links with images and videos of young Muslim girls being dragged out of buses and slumped into walls, searched and then ‘released’ as innocent; of the battle-cry words of the shot Muslim sister in Willsden and few others.

Innocent passenger screamed as officers dragged her off bus | News | The Times & The Sunday Times
Terror suspect arrested in armed raid tried to take two teenagers to Syria 
Burka-wearing woman is dragged off London bus | Daily Mail Online
Two terror plots smashed in a day: Police on red alert after ‘active’ bomb and knife attacks foiled – as one of the men arrested is pictured at a London lecture by controversial cleric
Would-be jihadi bride, 26, caught with an Al-Qaeda manual for ‘making a bomb in your mum’s kitchen’ is jailed for 18 months
Police shoot woman in burka in London to ‘foil plot’ | Daily Mail Online


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