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Westminster/London Attack: Was it ‘allowed or even sanctioned’ by interest parties ‘In Defence of The Realm’?

Okay. In our profession there are no coincidences, so the question is what really happened in Westminster (London) on the 22nd March 2017 and who was responsible?

Was the desperation of seeing the popular rise in calls from all corners for independence (from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) the motive behind the action and not ”Islamic Terrorism”?

Was the deep state cabal of security services, political and corporate ruling elites and the aristocratic oligarchy who owns and run the country behind the attacks?

Was it basically to disrupt and divert attention away from the momentum of independence popularities and calls from Scotland, Wales and United Ireland; after all the event happened on the very eleventh hour of Scotland’s Parliament (Holyrood) trying to finalize the vote to ask for referendum.

Trust me if you know the inner workings and dirty games and personalities beneath this business you will not be surprised by the extents and limits these individuals will go in the so-called name of ”In defence of the realm”; which literary means, in self-defence of our very existence!!!!



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