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#INDYREF2: Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland Must Be Allowed Free Independence — Its 21st Century (after all)

My position is simple (as a Republican). I believe Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland must be allowed to have complete sovereign independence without even bullshit referendums. Before we proceed how can a body controlled and funded by London-based colonial masters, known as ‘’independent’’ Electoral Commission, ever be trusted in such important strategic elections.

Now, I am not calling for destruction or complete breakdown and disunity of British Isles (also now as, to Royalists, Oligarchies, Aristocrats, Autocrats etc, as ‘’United Kingdom’’); no is! What I am suggesting is — and supported since we are in the 21st century and not 19th century of colonial era — that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must be allowed to break free as free independent sovereign nation-states and people but agreements should be reached to maintain a union, but this time around of equals not a dominance of others by one centre (London, Westminster etc).

  1. This union should be based on republican constitutions, rule of laws and ideals (and written down as bill of rights etc).
  2. This union should be renamed as Union of British Isles or British Union or Union of Britain (not kingdoms etc; what happened to Queen-doms).
  3. This union will be a microscopic form of EU, as British Isles will share common currency (not Euro but new Sterling without ‘’royals’’ images).
  4. This union will have free movement and free border-crossing without passport checks etc., though each state will have their own passports.
  5. This union will share collective security; though each will maintain own intelligence, police, armed forces etc.

This is the right and natural [right] of any [separate in identity and cultures] people and nations.

I believe the calls of Referendums for independence area BS because the ‘deep state’ (which is real and exists and consists of powerful cabal of securocrats, e.g. MI5, 6, GCHQ, politicians, ruling elites, corporate elites, media elites and mainstream media et al.; and run parallel to elected governments but actually is [that is the deep state] the real centres of power) will never ever allow for complete independence; votes will be rigged. The only way to make it not easily to theft is to live-streaming voting day across every constituencies and making it not ‘secret ballots’ (deep state thrive on secret, to counter it you have to make the challenge open and public so everyone can see and scrutinise their dirty tricks; no chance in itself from start due to openness and public scrutiny).

  1. Every vote should hand in their votes while reviewed by international and local observers.
  2. There should be three different sources of vote counting; live streaming so the entire world can count each vote as cast-ed and how many just cast-ed; that is, if one million went out and vote, then one compares this million with those viewed on live-stream as they voted (and ticked and ticketed; that is, handed a ticket as a proof they voted for this or that) and then no chance of stealing an election is possible. Then there will be in person count, as second source of votes-counting. As observers tick their own accounting and fact checking and ‘’independent’’ electoral commission staff do their counts; then all compared. And to top it, as each person leaves the voting centres SNP and Unionists should be outside to tick their own boxes as each voter shows their votes-ticket (issued) from inside.

If this way and option is not available then only arms can free the colonised (it is colonisation!) proud people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



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