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RECRUITMENT Phase Two (Military Leadership; Officers & Junior Officers): Full Training to be Provided (No Pay Initially)

OK. After phase one recruitment of specialists, we are now recruiting for immediate active action combatants.

Please note;


  1. You must accept our political ideology and vision; creating an Islamic democracy, giving final say and power of governance and authority to our people directly. You must familiarize yourself with this political manifesto (click here).
  2. You must accept and follow of military doctrine (click here).
  3. You can be straight or gay/lesbian or transgender/male/female, whatever color/race/ethnicity/tribes and hold whatever religious or political beliefs or none – we do not care, we only care that you are fed up with mindless violence ”in the name of God or Western-imposed Freedoms” and truly desire to see the liberation, unity and protection (ever after) of our people and lands (Muslim Ummah).
  4. You must be informed that we support LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), Women and all human/civil/individual (incl. religious) rights; including the right to same-sex marriages and their right to have a family etc.
  5. You must be informed that you will not be paid most of the time, esp., during initial phases of the struggle, but later you will be rewarded with monetary reimbursement (for full period of service) as well as positions of influence for your sacrifices and struggle.
  6. However you must be informed that we do not seek and will not accept the institutionalization of yet another form of tyranny, puppetry or any wicked trait or outline. Our people will have the final say on who to govern them and with what laws.
  7. You must be informed our laws will be a selection of the best of Shar’ia (minus corporal punishment e.g. of adulterers, thieves, sexually alternative etc – all these are pagan and our ancestral, ape-like, practices; just watch discovery or other wildlife documentaries or programmes you will witness how apes stone their ‘unfaithful’ women, or tear to pieces disloyal members (e.g. thieves etc).
  8. You must be informed instituting democracy does not mean we are western-supported yet another monkeys or stooges, no, because democracy is not a western practice but a human practice of necessity to move a civilized society  away from mindless violence and to replace it with votes. This means no one can come and claim through force and monopoly of violence to have the right (by whatever justification, religious or otherwise) to rule over us and our greater lands and people.
  9. You must be informed that we are not religious, just political!


Now those who show interest in recruitment for military commander/leadership/officer-ship positions need to know that;

  1. you must accept all of the above plus those included within attached document links
  2. you will be provided with full competent military officer and combat training
  3. you will need to be between 21 to 40 years old, of all genders (Male/Female/Transgender), religious beliefs or none, races, ethnicities etc.
  4. you need to be university-graduated and most essentially (initially in specific) from fields of sciences, medicine, engineering, IT, mechanical, social sciences, arts and humanities, politics, history.
  5. For Professionals: we need critically competent medical practitioners (doctors, nurses, healthcare specialists), engineers (water, power, public utilities), economist, accountants, public administrators, social services and welfare, teachers, and if you already have military experiences that is kudos.
  6. Initially you will not be informed of the whereabouts of first initial deployment
  7. We will need to register and inform ourselves to local security and policing; these issues will be done by ‘HR officer’.
  8. Please be very informed that you are getting into a difficult choice when you decide to come with us; forget romanticism of heroes and rambos, and think hell (worst things you can ever imagine). This is to make sure those few elites who are to chosen to scarficie all and come with us will definitely change the course of history, because only the will to fight to death and stand by principals against all that hell can throw at you can truly change our people and lands fortunes from the hands of ”jihadists and their gods”, ”puppets and their own gods” to hands of our people directly and their directly elected popular governments.

There are moment in history that are so defining that sitting on the side line is not an option and this is that moment for us, our people, and the future of children. So think hard before showing interest it is not like deciding to have Chinese for dinner or Indian, or to take that job or not…it might be your last ever decision.

Good Luck.

Please note we are not at war with western nations, government or people or other nations and people including governments, our primary goal and focus is to seek a peaceful and less bloodier approach to liberating, empowering through unity and in defense our people and nations under one governing center; a good government with good laws and good arms for protection not offense or threats.


If you are interested please get in touch via email to altawhid.leicester@hotmail.co.uk with subject ‘To Serve & Protect’ (a pun).


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