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[[UPDATED]] Take The Test (Social Experiment): Are You Able To Empathize/Sympathize With Muslim Fighting Groups (ISIS/Islamic State, Al-Qaidah, Taliban etc)?

CAMDEN PREVENT STORY: If you were redirected here please scroll to the end of this original post; though you might find this post very interesting have a read.

Originally sent out to major [so-called] independent, free and unbiased western media (e.g The Guardian, Independent, Washington Post, NYT etc) as n op-ed piec for publication; of course, nothing! Hahaha.



Methodology: This article is deliberatively designed as a small visual experiment which will rely on critical thinking approach mainly found within the fields of philosophical and theological studies as well as psychological cognitive experiments.
Experiment objectivity: The primary aim of this visual-based critical thinking experiment is to find out [a] if it is possible to empathize with todays Islamic Jihadists (also known as ”terrorists”, ”Islamists”, ”extremists” etc) and [b] to review the balance of factual frame of references or rather the central point of justification of both the Jihadist’s armed resistance as to that of western presented viewpoint.
Background (The contested views): So on one side we have our western leaders, securocrats, media and commentators who have presented as with a very simple-constructed facts on why the Jihadists fight and why they fight so barbaric, and of course this view is counter-balanced by those of the Jihadists themselves. The former, western viewpoint, states the Jihadists hate our western liberal ways of life mainly due to their envy and old religious animosities. The latter, the Jihadists, say, on contra, they do not envy or hate our ways of life and general liberal democratic values but rather they are only struggling to fight against forceful [colonial-imperial] imposition of these western customs and practices on Islamic customs and identity (leading to their erosions).
The Introduction to the experiment: So far we have successfully covered the main critical points and frame of references and we can now move into our brief but serious critical thinking (visual-based) experiment to see [a] which presented viewpoint merit more support and [b] why. Both of these questions’ response-positions will decide if it is possible to empathize with the present western enemies (Jihadists) acts.
The Experiment I (the context of the time and space): It is year twenty-two twenty (c.2220). The worst case scenario dreaded by western ruling elites, governments and people have all come into reality. Of course we are talking about the self-prophesied clash of civilizations where just like the theory went (as expressed by the author, Samuel Huntington) the West have come under massive assault from the Triad Eastern-Powers of Islam, Confucian China and of course the revived Leninist-Stalinist (cult of leadership) New Soviet Russia.
With years of wars and violence, occupations and colonialism of western nations and people by the Triad Eastern Powers – or hereafter TEP, also can be referred to as the NWOIC aka New World Order International Community – and having established their new customs, social norms and the likes they have also either occupied in complete western lands, divided these up as ‘spheres of interests’ between themselves or instead they have chosen to completely eliminate old western ruling establishments (e. g. Her Majesty the Queen in UK and her ‘barons, lords, and other top powerful families’) and replace these with own favored stooges/puppets or they have turned the old existing ruling elites into their own stooges/puppets.
The TEP have bought the old ruling elites’ loyalties by resoundingly defeating any attempts to challenge their newly empowered stooge (‘guaranteeing security’ clause) and also by making them more wealthier than the rest (we have seen this throughout, wealthy west/North, poor South/Non-Western; the very reason why wars can be completely eradicated from the history of humanity but will never happens because to many ‘the commercialization of security’, also known as ‘securitisation of relations’ as product and services, well pointed out by a favored neo-conservative geopolitician, Thomas Barnett, who said the most invaluable western competitive resources and advantage is their ability to ‘export security’, and to do so we need to create constant insecurities; the loop that can never be broken and hence wars will never cease. Many depend on violence for their wealth) who are now suffering the humiliation of poverty, arrogance and living in constant state of violence and wars as the few rebels rise up to clash with puppet ruling elites and their masters locally based forces; yes by this time, TEP have spread their military bases as well as clandestine reaches, in organizations as well as networks in relations and so forth, deeper into the fabrics of western societies from top to bottom.
The western populations, that is the majority of the masses, are left in destitute conditions of poverty and crimes. The few middle classes are continued to be bought with their tacit passivity with few key roles and well-off lifestyles. However from all sections the few rise out to defy the new lords of the east. They refuse to wear Burqas or any other Islamic or Confucian clothing. They are disturbed by the levels of erosion taking place from their once proud western identity and customs. They are angered by hearing never ending reports of collateral killings of their innocent fellow populace. They hate the new machineries of wars (weapons) brought to sow chaos and reap damages from their sacred lands and people. They weep as they see their women and mothers no longer free to be independent but ”corrupted” by new aliens and masters’ ways and customs. They are brought to boiling points when they see new masters corporations profiting from their nations’ resources while the rest live in poverty. So what do these individuals (initially before becoming collectives) do? They secretly organize themselves into popular armed resistance forces. They spread and share doctrines, ideas and tactics from the wild lands of Canada to US to their transatlantic cousins of Britain and mainland Continental Europe.
The Heart of The Experiment II (Visualization): Now we have come this far and we posses all the essential briefing above let me ask you from the reading above described as hypothetical environment – of the damned west of year 2220 under occupation, constant humiliation, powerless and in poverty, robbed of its resources and so forth – what is the main visual picture forming in your mind. Now be honest. How do you imagine the popular armed resistance forces and why. Come, Come. Again, only honesty will make this experiment successful.
I can see the rebels. Yes, I can see the rebels just like you can; actually I think we might have same visual images of the rebels across all lands and societies of the west.
Freeze the image. Look it is you as the rebel leader. You are surrounded – in hiding presumably sheltered by the harsh and wild environments of Scottish Highlands, or Welsh mountains, or Yorkshire moors, or North American wilderness, forests, national parks, or the vast metropolis urban milieu as ‘urban guerrillas’ or inside enemies lands as tourist or immigrants – by young and old. Lets zoom in. Can you seen any shared symbolic icons, imagery or specific symbols. Yes, say it: what is the only thing that all these western rebels have in common? Come, Come. No, it is not their liberalism or democratic passions…. yes, it is in your tongue. It is on you chest and flag as you stand in year 2220 as a leader of the rebel, look hard there it is a recognizable symbol to a Medieval person or any other afterward. It is a CROSS. Yes, Christianity is the only true thing that all these rebels share and connect them to their western societies.
Thus the rebel of year 2220 look just like a Crusader of Medieval times. He or She, or rather you, have a big Cross sown-in on your combat garment which has been placed in front of your Kelvar body armor as well as helmet and of course the Flag. Christianity, like Islam today, is what unites these disparate groups and what brought them into a union.
Conclusion: The Jihadists perspective and reasoning of their casus bellis is much stronger than the western presented version. But does this make you, a la philosophical and critical thinking perspective, able to empathize with them today since every descriptions made above can be said to be exact to what some principal western states have and are still doing with the Islamic World and are exactly why Jihadists are engaging (and perhaps made more symbolically through their highly selective targets; why not attack Belgium, and instead travel and risk ‘operational security’ to attack France?; known as ‘diagonal attacks’). Does these actions not justify their anger and resistance, as these would for rebels of 2220? Would the rebels of 2220 not be referred to as ”terrorists” then by TEP? Would their people, the publics of the west (inside and outside), not (always) sympathize (in secrecy or in open) with their own popular armed resistance forces (whatever their barbaric tactics and approach to fighting might it be)?
I would like you, as a reader and a participant of this simple public experiment, to be quiet honest with yourself in responding to above questions. I would also like to see comments, if you wish, so I can get the picture of the failure of success of this experiment.
Thanks for taking part and reading.
The Independent today (Weds 02 Dec 2015) published a story – with an original link to the leaflet circulated – babout Cambden Council Prevent Team (London Borough) apparently advising Muslim parents on how to spot radicalisation in their children; click here for the article.
Few interesting analytical key points of shaming;
  1. The interesting thing is not that Muslims (We) would really care about this (advice) but rather it shows how the state claiming to be fighting extremism has itself slide into extremism as well; what is the difference between ”Islamists” attempts on thought and mind control to British Stasi State/Police modern laws, regulations etc presented ”in defence against terror”.
  2. When one reads the eight-pages document (which take less than 3 mins) one finds that it literary states that at least over two-third of British and western populations (non-Muslims; for Muslims they are treated as ‘all terrorists and suspects’ anyway) are extremists by very definition; for example, the document states…
  • If you disagree with your western or British government foreign policy… you are extremist! Which literary means most members of British and western public including those who held protests against Syrian Bombings this weekend. Also this point defeats and contradicts western ”pride of its democratic” values of freedom of expression (political or etc) as well as the freedom to challenge your government, contribute to public policy and so forth. In other words, it appears to be an attempt to control what people can or can not say or do when they disagree with their representatives and governments; remember ‘V For Vendetta’ or ‘1984’; see the similarities.
  • If you disagree, question or distrust western mainstream media (MSM), like BBC CNN Guardian etc, it states, then you are… bambambam, extremist. This means, an enforcement to conform and accept readily anything the mainstream media say to you; see V4Vendetta and 1984 similarities in action, disturbingly!
  • If you hid your computer (perhaps out of privacy) out of others sight, (not caring about privacy seemingly) it says you are extremist; hey, dont watch porn hahah.

Anyway this is the exciting statement by seemingly a bunch of idiots who came together and created this equally moronic document.

In the media –
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UPDATED Sunday 03 January 2016
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