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Part Two of ‘Unspoken Truth, Spoken’: How We (The Muslims) ARE WINNING This [Revisited Century Old Muslim-Christians] War.

This post is part two of the ‘Unspoken Truth, Spoken’ and to speak frankly it should actually be viewed, as all others, as an open [newer] form of defiance – resistance, non-compliance and disobedience – to those who seek to force us, Muslims (worldwide and here in the west), to stop talking, to stop expressing ourselves, to stop free movements, certain religious practices and the like; in other words, those seeking to challenge Muslims freedom of thought, expression, association, religious practices, movement and as such.

Today I will be discussing very briefly why Muslims worldwide should….

  1. correctly view the present war – (started officially” in 2001 after September 11), known colloquially as ‘War on Terror’ or to those behind the scenes (the key players) secretively as ‘war against New Islamic Resistance to western (Christians, Crusaders; are past reference changed today to ‘westerners’ etc, see below) domination and interference in Muslim World affairs with catastrophic consequences for Muslims, locally and beyond (e.g. Islamophobia, alienation, scapegoating etc) – as a New Islamic-Crusaders Wars (will make it 9th or 10th I think). Or in simpler wording, Muslims-Christians Wars. Today Christianity has been re-branded as ‘western coalition/allies’ or ‘western-led ”International Community”’. These wars takes place every time an independent-minded revolutionary Islamic group[s] rises up and gains momentum in shaking regional or Muslim World geopolitical systems (resting on weak Christians, oops, western-supported, local ruling elites or brutal anti-Islamic dictatorship) then the fear this produced within the Christian/Western Ruling Elites forces these powers to intervene with all sorts of ”justifications” from R2P (Responsible to Protect), Humanitarianism, ‘spread democracy and freedom crap’ and so forth.

  2. But, and this is a very important point, for Muslims and their spirits of defiance, resistance and ‘never turning, or be turned, against one another’ , is the fact that from the start of this new phase of the old war between the Christian elites and the Muslim World revolutionaries (who seek to break the shackles of ‘bowing to outside powers’ and so to remove their influence, domination and control of the Muslim World completely; an innate human spirit of seeking freedom from slavery and domination, the west would do the same if the table were turned) the dice was already decided – Muslims, & Islam as it is, are going to come out as the winners.

In short, whatever you are seeing now, that is, the tactical setbacks faced by our own sides within our homelands are nothing serious but essential for the end-victory.

You see for military astute person what one is watching and witnessing at the present is what is termed as protracted phase of a Long Insurgency War; but the west for their ends and goals prefer to conditioning you into the negative reference, as a ”war against terrorists”. During this phase an elite volunteering force, predominantly tend to be very small in numbers, take to battle as vanguards of the resistance. The primary aim of this initial protracted phase is essentially to overstretch the enemies resources, will to fight as well as cause general fatigue at all levels (combat power, to civilian morale, economic stamina and resilience and so forth. This is exactly why you hear from the other sides, western/christians, every time they will saying we have defeated or depreciated the Muslim resistance [today] known as AlQaeda – tomorrow came to be known as Islamic State] and perhaps in future whatever names to be designated – but then suddenly questioning their initial assessment as we all observe these resistance forces popping up and causing mayhem (something not even western media can sweep it under the rag in support of their governing ruling parties; this approach was favored during colonial times as it completely gives a ‘made-up’ pictures of victories all around for their native forces, but with todays internet and social media etc everyone has the ability to communicate facts on the grounds and thus be heard, seen and shared/spread rapidly to many; hence again western internet and social media companies role and collision with western governments to ”taking down” any ”suspicious or unwanted” pages, persons etc).

You see, as stated to an astute military minded-person, these resistance groups are undefeatable! Why exactly are these groups undefeatable, one may ask. Well the answer is simple, and we covered this few days ago (check out the post below). It simply because these groups have the support and loyalties of Muslims worldwide (and figjhting at hoem advantage, which is easy to play for time and so forth), while the non-Muslim blocs (the Christians, Crusaders, Westerners or whatever you would like to call these), do not have this particular critical ingredient for victory in these kinds of ‘national resistance wars’. Just open any military book from Sun Tzu, Tai Kung to ancient Romans, Polybius, Xenophon, Clausewitz, Mao and so forth and forth you will find not hidden but overly stated and repeatedly is this simple truth/theme, and concept of ‘peoples wars’ aka ‘wars of national liberations or resistance’: if you do not have the people’s support, real not fake, then you are screwed…and only playing for time which means hoping your small tactical achievements which are then rapidly spread out in your country and global media front-pages and news channel and heard by everyone with purpose of either [a] win over the people support you don’t have, and will never do, in the current war (ongoing; hence the guaranteed prediction of Islamic victory), or [b] hope not to lose to much clout, influence or trade when inevitable defeat comes (one might think that western ruling elites appreciate this second fact more than they show).

So to close up.

  1. The present wars against ”Islamists” or ”Terrorists”, ”Extremists”, ”Barbaric Evils” or whatever wording and phrases that western governments and their media come up with in attempt to seek ease or deluded quick victory against Muslim resistance are actually the continuation of the centuries old wars between Muslims and Christian Elites (important distinction emphasized; not Christian states of the west but their colonial-imperial minded ruling establishments).

  2. This time as in the past, the Muslim/Islamic forces will come out victorious and not in chaos or divisions but rather united as things appear to be evolving.


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