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Our Statement After Paris Offense: Muslims Will Never Apologise or Condemn (Unspoken Truth, Spoken)

What happens after the events and initial ‘sense of jubilation’ among Muslims:

Please see added statement at the end of this original published statement explaining how Muslims across the world react to big events inside the west by fellow Muslims who have chosen violent resistance.

This statement is for the attention of the West (i.e. the Public, Governments & Media). Please read in full before preparing your pitch-forks.

Introduction: The Outline of The Statement

The statement outlines the unwanted and unspoken truth on the actual position of the Muslims – both inside western nations and across the world – vis-a-vis any operations conducted inside western states and against innocent western public by Islamic groups of all forms.

Finally the statement closes with an hypothetical example that can only see a true change in this Muslim, unspoken true, position.

The Unspoken Truth: Unapologetic & Non-Condemning

So first lets reiterate in clarity the position again: Muslim across the world, and including those inside western states, do not condemn or apologise for events such as Paris, 7/7, 9/11, Madrid etc. This is the unwanted and unspoken truth. And to further twist that knife, we can assure you that majority of Muslims whenever they either wake up (such as this past weekend) to such breaking news or hear about it for first time while at work etc, do end up with a big smile and always with the reaffirmation of the Shahada (you know the say on the Black Flag: ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as his only true Prophet’) in quietness (under breath) or in a shout (followed with ‘Allahu Akbar’) this leave their spirits high for sometime with the feeling of ‘poetic justice’ attained.

The Reason: Never Allowed To Be Spoken Of

So why are Muslims predominantly unapologetic and non-condemning and [either secretive or openly] cheerful in spirit and emotions when such awful events take place?

The answer is of course simple. This is exactly what Jihad means. To Muslims Jihad is the means to defend and revenge any atrocities committed or perceived to have been committed to fellow Muslims by a non-Muslim (or even Muslim with support from non-Muslim) parties. You call these events ”terrorism”, Muslim call these self-defence jihad.  This is a well-known issue (not just academic) of what one calls ”terrorism” others will call ‘freedom fighters’.

Now to clarify something that even Muslims are scared of some of these groups, esp. ISIS/Islamic State, and their visions of united Islam, but even these fears will never ever get Muslims to apologise or condemn their actions simply because to Muslims across the world and inside western nations, they views these actions as forced actions in a cycle of violence initiated by the Western governments with their interference in Muslim affairs, in supporting sectarian violence or brutal regimes, supporting the establishment of Jews inside Muslim lands and supporting it to suppress local Palestinian Muslims, of years of colonialism and it’s brutal imperial behaviours (the brutalities of French has really been imprinted on minds and cultures of North African Muslims) or the many equally innocent Muslim civilians daily killed/murdered by operations initiated by western governments inside Muslim nations and no one among the western public or media come out and protest these, or apologise for these or even condemn these. So Muslims asks, why should we, when no world leaders are seen holding hands in memorial of dead Afghanis, Iraqis, Yemenis, Somalians,, Libyans, Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Palestinians and so forth and forth.

This, above, is exactly why, as things stands, not a single Muslim – even those who are funded by western governments and come out in numbers ready to ”condemn and apologise” are in reality also share same positions as millions of other Muslims: in truth: not apologetic nor condemning but proud of the ‘poetic justice’ revenge.

This entire issue comes to the old brain-teaser: which came first the chicken or the egg. In other words, who first initiated violence against the other party; Muslims will always say it is the West, and the West will always say it is the Muslims; and there are no shortage, from both sides, of ”evidence” in support. Hence, the sad, unending cycle or stupidity with no ending insight.

The Hypothetical Example: What Will Change Muslim Position?

Now, lets take the hypothetical situation that will see a change of position among majority of Muslim not just those inside the west but worldwide. This is of course when western governments decide to completely cut lose from their inherently imperial-colonial mindsets and cultures and do not get involved in any way inside Muslim world; not supporting or sending/selling weapons to brutal undemocratic regimes; or the Jews; or instigating sectarian bloodshed; or conducting secret wars or intrigues and so forth, then (and only if all these are observed as true) one will see a complete change of position among Muslims. As Muslims will now view any new actions as purely criminal acts directed against innocent civilians and their states and will definitely (and proudly) rush to join and enlist in huge numbers with local western armed forces or security services to fight back against own fellow Muslims and to inform on any with criminal intents.

These are the unspoken and unwanted truth, we just told you.


What Happens After Initial ‘Jubilation’ & Defiance to Condemn or Apologise:

So let discuss another unspoken facet of Muslim behavioural truth that comes into action away from the public (media etc) after big events such as Paris, Charlie Hebdo, 9/11, 7/7 etc.

We have pointed out above that first comes, that is immediately after the events, a strong sense of re-established pride, identity, unapologetic stand and refusal to condemn what every Muslim across the world – and even those inside western nations and even those ”working” closely with western governments or security services or funded by them – take as legitimate self-defensive or revenge acts against those who have wronged and committed unaccountable crimes/atrocities against fellow Muslims across the world.

So to move on. Those Muslims who decide to reciprocate with violence as a revenge (or for any other reason but presented as a revenge) for, or on behalf of, Muslims against their enemies (i.e. parties responsible for atrocities directly or indirectly, see above for full explanation on the differences) are viewed as honourable champions and defenders of Islam and Muslims no matter what their past behaviour or character really is.

In other words, in the past it was Al-Qai’dah and most recent is Islamic State/ISIS and its brutalities which not many Muslims accept, but and this is important when they conduct these ‘big headlines’ assaults inside ‘enemies or parties responsible for criminal acts against Muslims, directly or indirectly’, and present these acts as revenge on behalf of Muslims then somehow every hatred and fear that Muslims hold towards these (their own) groups and their goals/visions is in at that very moment completely replaced with ‘united front’ (all in or out) filled with emotions of pride and justice done.

So from here, thus, comes first jubilation and refusal to condemn or apologise – and if done is not real but crocodile tears for benefit of surrounding predominant groups or society, employers, or friends etc, see below also – such acts viewed as legitimate reaction to crimes and belligerency, and as bodies fall of those who have taken such acts Muslims now, in private, silent or in collective action, at Mosque, during prayers, home, meal time etc, start a period of ‘mourning’ for their OWN FALLEN WARRIORS (yes, to Muslims these will always be ‘legitimate soldiers/Mujahidins’ of Jihad even with never ending efforts to communicate and present a different version or referential preference as ”terrorists”; see above, again, on freedom fighters and ”terrorists” views).

During this intensive or short-time period of prayers and mourning for the fallen, Muslims ask their God for blessings of their souls, attainment of their goals (paradise), readily-given and offered forgiveness for all their past ”sins” or ”misbehaviours” (so to make their travels into paradise with ease and guaranteed, forgiveness on debts etc.

These prayers usually are done at Mosques – the symbolic location for key announcements, where Caliphates gain legitimacy learn Islamic history to appreciate such a fact – but with our contemporary hyper-suspicious environment of ”listening and prying eyes” inside the West on Muslims these are ”cleverly hidden beneath” semantics (not to be discussed here). However if one does go to overseas countries with majority Muslims and visit any Mosque especially during Friday prayers one will never fail to hear such events-specific prayers for the soul of the ‘fallen Mujahidins’ in their legitimate wars [in defence of Islam and Muslim Ummah] against non-Muslim enemies, or to some brave mosques one will actually hear the names of the fallen announced [and blessed] one by one; just like it is done here with remembrance day etc.

To close off, and for clarification, what has been stated here is the unspoken truth told for the benefit of pursuit of knowledge. If one seeks more enlightenment get in touch or read our key manifesto/vision by clicking here (or check out top pages ‘GIAP: A Political Manifesto’).

Finally, The Guardian yesterday like many other ”free and independent or unbiased” western media wrote – or rather ”paraded” – about ”Muslim Victims of Paris”: you know what Muslim think about them. One, acceptable collateral, not to shed tears for or even blink for. Two, ”legitimate targets”. Sad Facts Only!

The entire episode since 9/11 reminds one of ‘Spanish Restoration’ where Muslims are either forced to live under tyrannical harsh and very repressive laws (as today in similarities) or to avoid these forced to become Christians; today ”to be western or secular”. Muslims have been playing this role well as in public and externally pretending to accept either of these, just like their forefathers, so they can be left in peace and without persecution while in secret continuing practising Islam and identifying themselves as proud Muslims! Lessons for the west to learn today: no hearts and minds to win hear!


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