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Our Big Longitudinal Study (3 Months) With Empricial Evidence: Are You A British or Western Muslim? If so, this is how the state watches (surveillance) you as ‘potential terrorist/criminal[ized]’ 24/7

Executive Summary: Sustained Surveillance of Muslims in The West Today

We will not be disclosing much in the way of methodologies, or sampled locations, or involved parties who took part, voluntarily, in conducting the research. Period.

Objective of the study:

The study as mentioned investigated the expanded illegal (unconstitutional and undemocratic) blanket surveillance of local western (and British in particular) Muslim populations (as communities, individuals, businesses, charities, leisure activities etc).

Methodological approaches:

The main study portion conducted within the British Isles were indeed, to briefly mention, conducted using actual volunteers first-hand collection of data.

While secondary studies were used to compare British Isles data to others to see any similarities and these were mainly collected from open sources in media, on-line reports, academic research, private organizations, government official studies and reports etc; for example the cases of NYPD (New York Police Dept), including national Fusion Centers and the ‘concentration camps’ approach to surveillance at American-based Muslim populations.

To have a control group we also ‘commissioned’ participants to collect data within sparsely, very-low or zero Muslim population centers of UK; and the results found for those principal studied areas differed massively with those of the the control group.

How Data was collected in UK:

We asked the participants to observe closely within their predominantly Muslim ‘majority’ local towns and cities for ‘abnormal’ activities such as;

  • Roaming drones or aerial crafts in the skies 24/7; with particular interest in night-time ease viewing/spotting due to safety issue and the need for crafts to be able to be seen through ‘flahing lights’; any person can replicate this by naked-eye or using a telescope for full details observations (models, heights etc).

  • We defined the low flying crafts models as ‘for xxxxx interests’ and high-flying specific model crafts for ‘special interests xxxxx’.

  • We asked for data on increasing numbers of white or black converts moving into the community in comparison to old local make-ups

  • We reviewed changing landscapes or ‘businesses’ or offices close to places of social gathering, prayers (Mosques), or religious centers such as Madrassas, or venue etc.

  • We reviewed new vehicles, new faces, time of parking and leaving and so forth.

  • We reviewed houses or properties belonging to local authorities or churches used as xxxxx

  • We reviewed newer ”Muslims-focused” social, cultural, welfare, educational projects, organization and key personalities in charge and their histories in relation to the state etc

  • We, to shorten the list, also reviewed the favored-approach – springing up across the western states today in ”dealing with the Muslim problem” – that of turning Muslim communities nodes/hubs/centers (major areas of residence and business, or social activities) into ‘CCTV-walled in concentration camps”.

Key Findings (in brief):

Every ‘case studied’ areas reviewed were found to share all of above points (in UK and with those of other western nations);

  • 24/7 roaming and circling aerial crafts of various models (identified) for special interests as intended

  • reported increasing numbers of newly converts moving in (from ”south” and London areas mainly) with shared similarities in background stories

  • verified increasingly newly established businesses, organizations and the likes with no connection or known individuals to local communities around Mosques, religious, social areas

  • data returned a huge trend in new faces, vehicles, and the likes

  • data also returned positive results in increasing ”Muslim-focused projects” within the communities, by local authorities and ”private organizations” with particular interesting xxxxxx

  • On CCTV-Walls what can be seen in Leicester* (and found in Birmingham which made sensational news) has been replicated nation-wide within cities and centers with huge Muslim populations.

* A brief review of favored CCTV-Walls approach as can be seen in Leicester. In urban environment/landscape has its distinct style; for example, grid-like, satellite, nodes and the like. Now what does these styles significance means? It means is easier to control, surveil and manage local communities by literary focusing at ‘critical nodes/points’, such as ingress (entrance) and egress (exit); Chinese military strategist had a wonderful and sagacious say that ‘If a cat stand outside the entrance-exit mouse-hole, not a single mouse (minus animated Tom and Jerry of course) would dare come out’. You see the wisdom of this strategy: it means the ability to control these areas by placing surveillance CCTV around it means one possess full view of what is happening in the community; for example, who comes in, who goes out, when, for how long, with who, wearing what, carrying what, and so forth and forth.

In Leicester: Identifying Our CCTV-Walls (a brief outline):

In Leicester the Muslim community of Spinney Hills/Highfields for example are under complete surveillance by the state and local authorities by all of above factor but for now we will focus on the CCTV-Wall.

Where are key ingress and egress to control?

Coming from city-center you are tracked from Train Station via Cordon Street (see all big advanced CCTVs cameras and some moving during prayers times, esp. Friday prayers onto the City-Jamia Mosque). From here you are also met with someone tracked coming via St.Georges into the little Bridge above the station; if you chose ”to sneak through the alleyway” between the fence separating railways and the school grounds you are still visible from many cameras (just look around).

So. So far you have not been lost even for a second. We can go on and on but lets move closer to the community itself. Outside ”Community Center” (Highfields) and close to the library, placed on a local authority properties are advanced piece of CCTV technologies that not only observe and ‘roam in synchronization’ so not to miss anything while pretending to the uninformed Muslim civilian its ‘just a harmless cctv looking around’. These cameras are mixed with powerful ‘car-plates reading softwares’ and special cams and xxxxxxxx. So this point is important because it is the first internal ring (critical ingress and egress points). Next important points are Melbourne Road Faisal Mosque and the Academy (a powerful camera stand at the top), and others we will leave out in mentioning. Also raise your heads up and look at any ‘landmarks’ with great heights for what can be referred to as ‘full view or patched eagle-eye view’ of the entire community, or in ‘huge chunks’ (all strategically and tactically divided for a full viewing vision/template). Check out the two huge standing estate-towers of Framland and the other (can you see a camera a the top, that is a powerful surveillance camera).

So this is what is happening today across western and British Muslim communities, who are under heavy, constant, sustained and blanketed surveillance by local state apparatus, and of course the independent and free western media somehow miss these…mmm.


Corrections: Not Masjid Faisal,its Al-Fatah; was engaged in a talk with a brother Faisal and so the mind played a little trick.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved and brother A. for his technical support on CCTVs.

Finally, this study is based on things easily identifiable n easy to replicate and observe (unless they start taking these done for more ‘hidden’ approach).


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