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Photo of the Month (Movember): ‘Our Pride, The Fearless Lioness’ (Daily Mail)

Innallilahi wa innallayhi raa’jiun. The brave lioness (palestine sister) was killed on spot after getting his coward prey.


The question that should dominate your mind when seeing these images, especially ops conducted by our brave sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, aunts and general female population, is not only of the shame in you but also the BIG WHY?

Why and how did such a sister, like others, brought to such an action? The humiliation, abuses, bloodshed, pains and so forth that they experience in the hands of Jew-dogs is the reason that our warrior women shame us all…you keep playing with yourself and game-box, cars, sheeshas, football and the likes.

Finally do not miss yesterday’s post (terrifying selected must reads articles from Guardian newspaper by respected journalists Heather Brooke who exposed Britain biggest scandal, Mp Expenses, and John Naughton) on growing Fascist Britain:click here.



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