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((UPDATED)) Its Official: The Fascist ”Democratic” State of Britain Gives it’s Spies (GCHQ, MI5, MI6) Full LEGAL POWERS to SPY ON YOU (via your phone, computer etc) — HURRAH!!!

Fascism is an inherent and natural predominant trait of a British State n Government; from it’s major philosophical model as laid out by David Hume in Leviathan to The Royals as unelected and undemocratic institution and fans of fascism (when practiced openly by others, see Edward, present Queen and support for Nazis) to the Tory ”neo-conservatives nationalists”, Black shirts, EDL, Britain First etc to blanket surveillance of its citizens since 1940s to present.


So this is how The Times newspaper online (behind the paywall) article broke the exclusive headline on its front-page;

Spy agencies given new rights to hack the public

Britain’s spies will have the right to hack into smartphones and computers enshrined in a new law, The Times has learnt. Powers that give MI5, MI6 and GCHQ a “dizzying” range of electronic surveillance capabilities will be laid out in the investigatory powers bill next month, in a move that will bolster the confidence of the intelligence agencies but pave the way for a row with privacy campaigners. Civil liberties groups have repeatedly raised the alarm over hacking, which allows spies to take control of electronic devices and access all documents, photographs and communications. The new legislation will give hacking a firmer footing in law, making it harder to challenge in the courts. Increased use by criminals of encryption techniques, which scramble data and make it unreadable when intercepted, has prompted the government to set out hacking powers more clearly, sources close to the Home Office said. It comes against the backdrop of a growing threat from Islamist terrorism. While interception interrupts communications as they happen, hacking gives spies control of a computer or smartphone and all the information it contains. Devices can usually be accessed by exploiting a security vulnerability in the software. Once inside, intelligence agents can install software that hijacks smartphone cameras to take photographs of targets and commandeer microphones to eavesdrop on conversations, privacy experts say…..

That says it all.

The new powers means the UK spying agencies including policing services NOW OWN YOU literary (perfect Intellectual Property Ownership Rights).

They can see what you are seeing in real-life. Who you are talking to, sleeping with, flirt with etc.

They can log into your smart-phones, laptops, personal computers etc: in the past they need”warrants” to conduct such intrusive activities, not with these new powers!

Added Note: If countries deemed ”anti-western”, that is not friendly to western states or serious competitors such China, Russia, Iran and others, you would have heard a massive and long protests from western governments, its officials, its fifth estate/mainstream media, and also its so-called ”international institutions” in the likes of UN and the likes. But here, our ”free and independent” media just mentioned it (as something to be known easily) and stop short of protesting, debating and the likes. Western ”democracy” for you — good supporting evidence for the rest of us!

The new Snooper’s Charter: Spies to get access to your phones and PCs ‘within weeks’

The Daily Telegraph article link is here: New laws to allow spies to hack people’s smartphones and computers

wants new browsing history powers – updated 2 wees after

Police seek powers to access computer users’ browsing history

updated articles Nov 06 2015

A very good read Garden bridge users to have mobile phone signals tracked

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updated 01.11.2015

Police use Terrorism Act powers to seize Newsnight journalist’s laptop
How you can be tracked anywhere in the world – Washington Post
Labour MP Gerald Kaufman says ‘Jewish money has influenced Government’
Britain’s youth at risk of being lost generation – report
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