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Republican Party Of England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland: Our Rough (and Brief) Blueprint/Manifesto

Dear readers and supporters today we will discuss/outline briefly key principles and values of a truly Republican Party of England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Further suggestions are welcomed before we attempt to take this out to the public: Nahh, just intended to encourage public intellectual debates.

One might be interested in following this up with the reading of our old ‘International Party’ manifesto (click here).

Principle One: A Republican Constitutional State. not ”Constitutional Monarchy” or the likes.

Principle Two: Governed by a well-set out constitution and bill of rights both supported by supreme courts and in case of extreme issues of biases with European Union Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Principle Three: WE, as Republicans, recognize fully FREE & INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN nation-states of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Principle Four: As Republicans we will DISMANTLE in completion all the remnants of British colonialism and imperialism starting with COMMONWEALTH; followed by the RETURN of MALVINAS/FALKLANDS to ARGENTINA, GIBRALTAR to Spain, DIEGO GARCIA to local inhabitants etc. We will also disengaged from overseas military adventurism and aggressive stationery bases

Principle Five: We will not GO INTO EU but we will maintain close relations as these exists however we will remove ourselves from its DEFENCE BUDGETS contributions (and only come to aid in truly threatening times).Aim:to maintain our sovereign as England, however all other entities have own sovereign rights to decide their own preferred choices.

Principle Six: Once we have given all ful freedom and independence we will seek to institute a mini-version of EU within the BRITISH ISLES as ‘Union of Britain’ (UB not UK) between England, Wales, Scotland, NI and Irish Republic.

Principle Seven: All Counties will receive full devolved powers from taxes to policing, housing etc; for example, Nottingham administering and governing (vai US -style ‘Governors’) the Nottinghamshire County. Isle of Man, Channel Islands etc will also be provide with extensive devolved powers.

Principle Eight: Complete NATIONALISATION of RAIL, GAS, WATER, ELECTRICITY AND INTERNET SERVICES INCLUDING PHONES/MOBILES; that is communication, public transport including buses, telecommunication, utilities, housing etc.

Principle Nine: TIGHT REGULATIONS of BANKS and the likes

Principle Ten: COMPLETE DISMANTLE OF SURVEILLANCE/POLICE STATE very intrinsic to UK model of governance; meaning removal of CCTVs from public spaces, close down of ”internal spying services” (MI5) in times of peace (and not serious war), all MI5 operatives will be seconded to county police services and be open to accountability and action by publc/civil laws etc

  • Demolishing HOUSE OF LORDS


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