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Photo of The Month (Oct 2015): ‘The Running Jew-Dog’

Caption On ‘The Running Jew-Dog’:

A brave young Palestine armed only with a kitchen knife going (chasing) after a scared running Jew-Dog armed to teeth with heavy weapons and guns…and he gets him in the end before murdered (with his hand clinching, still, with pride and bravery his little knife high and above with pride) by 5 to 7 heavily armed Jew-Dogs coming to their rabid dog aid. Two perfect depictions from this picture (below); [1] The Palestinians bravery in the face of Jews (the fear of the Jews and it takes 5-10 men to take down one Palestine brother or sister armed only with smallest kitchenwares;see any images around) and [2] if it was not for their western ”supporters”, who provide not only with arms but also war-budgets and military personnel (which includes over 65 per cent of mercenaries in their so-called ”armed forces”; from foreign legions, Africans, South Americans etc) as well as training and the unequal law that allow any Jew [around the world] to be able to ”serve” with Palestine-Jews (and not the other way around; namely, any Muslim serving his Palestinian homelands) then Palestine-Jews would have long been exterminated en masse (no sympathy or remorse conveyed).

Our day will come, Brothers and Sisters, when even the demons and their commander-in-chief Satan himself will shrug their heads in disapproval and dismay in the ‘ritual of horror in vengeance’ (and refusing to accept such behaviour as ‘demonic’ or in any relation or association to their mannerism: and refusing the label ‘The Satanic Feast’, probably seeking legal resort to not be associate with what is going on) while the angels and gods weep aloud to the horrors taking place.


News headlines:

updated news 12.10.15
Spies and internet giants are in the same business: surveillance. But we can stop them
Momentum: A new kind of politics
Britons ‘failing to support Muslim victims of hate crime’
Facebook’s insult to taxpayers: Web giant paid £4,327 corporation tax last year – less than average UK worker paid £26,500 salary
Don’t address Corbyn as ‘right honourable’, MPs are told: Title removed under orders of Privy Council after Labour leader did not attend meeting with the Queen
Yes, the CIA Director Was Part of the JFK Assassination …
Sustainability & Environment Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Lies Kelle Louaillier, ET AL
Primary school reported a Muslim pupil, 10, to police on suspicion of terrorism after he told female Muslim pupils to wear their headscarves and complained there was no prayer room
No racial discrimination complaints against Met police upheld | UK news | The Guardian
updated Weds 14.10.15
Court Reinstates Lawsuit Against NYPD Muslim Spying, Citing History of Racist Scares Murtaza Hussain — 2015-10-13T18:30:28+00:00 “We are left to wonder why we cannot see with foresight what we see so clearly with hindsight — that loyalty is a matter of the heart and mind, not race, creed, or color.”
MUST READ The secret surveillance of ‘suspicious’ blacks in one of the nation’s poshest neighborhoods
updated sun 18.10.15
It’s getting harder to be black in the new D.C.
The Drone Papers The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama’s drone wars. Read the stories ⟶
The top 1% now own 50% of global wealth: Research finds world’s richest have bounced back from the recession while ‘middle class’ have fallen
Police used ‘mole to spy on lawyers so they could tamper with evidence’: ‘Former detective was paid £21,000 to pass on secret details of legal cases while working undercover for the Met’
Secret. Smug. Sinister: They’ve covered up torture, led us into an illegal war and are now placing the Press under state control. It’s time to kill off the shadowy establishment mafia that is the Privy Council
School questioned Muslim pupil about Isis after discussion on eco-activism
Profiled: From Radio to Porn, British Spies Track Web Users’ Online Identities Ryan Gallagher
British politicians are obsessed with bombing Middle East, says MP who fought in Afghanistan
It’s the British establishment that has a problem with democracy
Leicester City Council members allowances for 2014/15
RT EXCLUSIVE: Iranian man begs UK govt to deport him, says life in Britain isn’t ‘all gold’
U.S. State Department “Welcomes” News That Saudi Arabia Will Head U.N. Human Rights Panel Glenn Greenwald — 2015-09-23T15:38:07+00:00 Elite sectors of the West want everyone to avert their eyes from this deep and close relationship with the Saudis for good reason: It single-handedly destroys almost every propagandistic narrative told to the Western public about that region.
‘Execution:’ Cellphone footage shows Delaware cops shooting man in wheelchair


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