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[[UPDATED]] The Lies of Spies: Debunking MI5 Claims of Muslims ‘Cooperations For Money’ Against Fellow Muslims

Okay, in the past we have discussed in details how spooks/spies work as individuals and as institutions; do your independent search within this blog for more reading. Today we will be debunking the lies spread by MI5 (UK internal secret police) in reference to the claims of local Muslims [in UK] ”co-operation” with them for money (payments) in spying and reporting on activities of fellow Muslims with so-called ”T-word” intents.

First, if this was true – namely, the very nature of making such a claim public – this would have been unthinkable to claim it openly and publicly; in other words, if Muslims really ”co-operated” with internal secret police and other criminal outfits in the services of the state (UK) then such a tactic would have been kept so-tightly secured/secret (not publicized and protected by OSA/Official Secret Acts) so not to jeopardise it’s critical unknown value; the common-denominating value of all intelligence (secret and unknown) hence the uproar over Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange activities have caused since they have blown the lid on secretive acts/tactics against opposing sides.

So what does the lying efforts tells us? Why did criminal organisation called MI5 publicly claimed to be using this? The answer is simple even for a ten-year old: the ‘old Ponzi scheme meets magicians/illusionists act and hope for domino effect’, namely by claiming such an act really exists then the criminal organisation known as MI5 hopes to achieve a number of objects;

[a] actually get those in need of making money to come in and offer service; which has never succeeded in the past and will continue to fail (the ponzi scheme: build up manpower of the weak etc)

[b] by creating such an illusion, the criminal organisation, hopes to equally creates (fostering/festering) and sustain internal (within Muslim communities) mistrusts, divisions and fear among each other and ”the invisible hand of the ”law””; this too in the past failed and bound to do so. Never forget our advice: never fear or even brought to a state of paralysis or inaction with criminals actions (real or pretended). This seeks to establish firm social control over Muslim population in UK. It seeks to limit political or communal association, activism, protests or even working closely together for an end. This is further supported by more and more ‘greyish’ legal systems and regulations which are designed as such (greyish) so to make you paralysed with fears of breaking laws; constantly asking yourselves is this legal or not.

[c] they hope by doing this and achieving recruitment objectives of the weak and collaborative who are always ease to spot and to be unknown, that is their covers and spying activities are easily blown** out by local communities and spread quickly suddenly these individuals or institutions including Mosques with close collaborative association to the state and its criminal apparatus find themselves ostracised, isolated and marginalised from their own local communities because they are known known to be in cohort (as spineless traitors) with criminal state apparatus against their own people and communities; the domino effect built on hopes of lies and illusions.

To get a full picture of this specific favoured method and others please consult the websites below for primary (first-hand) official documents leaked or cyber-stolen from UK state itself which defines and describes these methods in details;

  1. The Intercept
  2. Wikileaks
  3. Public Intelligence
  4. FAS (Federation of American Scientists)

and many more sites out there.

To sum up, dont bite or buy on the lies and illusions and NEVER EVER BE FEARFUL OR BROUGHT TO A STATE OF COWARDLY PARALYSIS & SUBMISSION/CONTROL BY ANY CRIMINAL GROUPS – stand firm and proud (with two-fingers high)!


update one** those used as monkeys to ”spy” on their own are easily blown-out (from their covers as ”tools of the state criminal apparatus”) for a simple reason: they are never given actual training to operate as competent surveillance/covert operators etc simply because those criminal state apparatus have no trust in our people even if they use them; they ask why should we waste funds and resources training these ‘short-term monkeys” when everything is done they might turn on us by using our own trained skills. Hence ease to spot; we will not discuss these ‘indicators’/tell-tales here.

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