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Rise of Islamophobia In UK Soars & Soars: New VIDEO & PICS of a Broad-Day Assault On A Muslim-Sister (16yo) In London (Punched & Left Unconscious)

Teenager wearing hijab knocked unconscious demonstrates rise in hate crime in London

CCTV footage shows woman wearing a hijab attacked from behind; revealing the reality of what many Young Muslim women face today

Shocking images of a teenager wearing a hijab attacked in Plaistow in East London have been republished amid Scotland Yard statistics showing hate crime in the capital has almost doubled in the past year.

Watch the attack below. Warning: distressing content – viewer discretion is advised.

The footage emerged in 2012 when then 34-year-old, Michael Ayoade, knocked then 16-year-old Tasneem Kabir unconscious, as she made her way to college.

The CCTV video is just one example of Islamophobic attacks across the capital. Scotland Yard statistics indicate that the number of hate crimes almost doubled in the twelve months to June, from 406 to 800.

original link via The Independent  Teenager wearing hijab knocked unconscious demonstrates rise in hate crime in London – Home News – UK – The Independent

same story via The Daily Mail Shocking moment hijab-wearing girl is attacked from behind and knocked to the floor unconscious as police reveal huge rise in hate crimes against Muslims

Hate crimes against Muslims soar in London

Government plans to make picketers give their names to police, carry a letter of authorisation and wear an armband (further deterioration of civil laws in UK and draconian measures)

Table of the highest paid Leicester City Council staff | Leicester Mercury : the single important observation here is that in a city deemed a model of ”diversity and multicultural and equal opportunities’ and all that BS over 95 per cent on the list are whites. Check out our old post with evidence here and here.


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