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Aylan Kurdi (Drowned Syrian Refugee Child, 3yo): Our Moving Tribute In Pictures

From innocent, life-filled, smiling faces…

Heartbreaking: The bodies of Aylan, three (left) and his brother Galip, five (right) washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean. This photo shows the boys when they were younger, according to a Syrian journalist

Smiles: Galip and Aylan Kurdi (pictured) hail from the ISIS-besieged Syrian city of Kobane. According to relatives, their father now wants to return to the city to bury the two boys and their mother

To sadness of lifeless little innocent body washed ashore as if the gods themselves wept and refused to hide this beautiful innocent life within their darker embraces of merciless seas …. The day we all wept; gods and mortals.


From around the world those who wept showed their unhidden sadness and tears through art in tribute… we all thank you (you will never stop weeping from looking at these beautiful ART-ributes to a beautiful innocent life… we have stopped as yet and trust us we have seen worse).

Grief: Reacting to the tragedy, social media users have created moving and poignant artworks based around the photographs of Aylan's tiny body - with many portraying the tragic little boy as an angel

This moving artwork depicts Aylan Kurdi lying dead on the beach as a paper boat travels off to sea

One Twitter user adapted a famous Banksy work to include the photograph of tragic Aylan, juxtaposing his life with that of other children

Political: This image depicts Aylan rising into heaven along with the caption: 'I hope humanity finds a cure for visas'

Social media users around the world have reacted in grief and anger at the heartbreaking images of a young refugee boy whose tiny body was pictured washed up on a Mediterranean beach

This  artwork depicts Aylan Kurdi drowning in the Mediterranean Sea while holding up a paper boat

Moving and poignant: Using the same shot of Aylan this image shows him lying against a grave stone. The words 'The End' hover over the little boy

No entry: This poignant image shows how physical and metaphorical walls that block many young migrant from entering Europe effectively leave children like Aylan at great risk

Twitter user Massimo Schiavon share an image suggesting Europe cares more about Aylan Kurdi's clothes than whether or not he lost his life

My top favourites:

Many of the artworks attempted to portray Aylan sleeping in a bed - a far cry for the harrowing scenes on the beach at Bodrum

and of course the weeping creatures of the sea in honour of the fallen innocent child…

This image is intended to show how animals care more about the tragic refugee families than humans do

and a moving short newspaper ”ad clip”…

and from us here at JG/GIAP… Rest In Peace, Aylan (we will never forget the day).



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