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Muslims In UK Banding Around Tightly Together NOW: Our Submitted Op-ed [Sat 25th] To UK Media

Another submission, another ”quietness”, nop, not rejection as our ideas are then laid out by ”others” apparently expressing similar points.

Anyway here is the article.

Article Heading: British-Muslims Forced To Close Ranks Tightly Together (Moderate, Non-Violent & The Hated Extremists) In The Face of Another Disastrous Set of New Counter-Terror and Anti-Radicalization Laws

By: Jerusalem Group, Leicester

Date: Saturday 25th July, 2015.

When Mr. Cameron came out initially during his overseas speech and claimed Muslims were ‘quietly condoning’ extremism and radicalization we like many others were furious and we decided to write an open letter to Mr Cameron (click here) setting out the reasons why Mr. Cameron – as everyone else within the British Establishment since the so-called ‘war on Muslim/Terror’ was launched after 9/11 – was wrong in pointing the fingers squarely on us, British Muslims, and we laid out a list of reasons why ranging from economic to cultural. We finished the letter with a single important statement, as can be seen on the letter’s heading, that it was not our/Muslim fault (the highly favored approach by the government, see this post which explains why) but British society and government essentially in failing to integrate us; a theme Mr. Cameron seemed to have picked out and try to emphasize as central to a solution (though, again, very unwisely approached and with opposite catastrophic effect for all sides, as discussed below) facing Britain today vis-a-vis its local Muslim population.

Of course the theme of ‘failure to integrate’ Muslims within the British greater society and it’s effect in serving as a perfect contributing [dominant] variable towards radicalization of local Muslims (esp. youths) is central within academic and highly specialist professionals in the field of [counter-]radicalization studies and practices. These studies illustrates very well the differences between ‘militant’ or ‘vulnerable to radicalization’ Muslims of North America and those of Europe. Their findings have shown for some years now that there exists a massive gap between these two primary western blocs and the successes (and failures) of their local Muslim populations integration vis-a-vis greater societies.

In summary, the findings of these studies shows clearly that European states have continuously failed, on a massive scale, to integrate their local Muslims (and many non-Muslims immigrants) within their societies’ primary areas of national life (politics, economics, cultural etc) while the North America states have been found to have shown greater opportunities due to their societies’ preferences for merits and equal opportunities rather than sound-bite preferences of tightly-closed European states whose traditional national cultural practices of nepotism (based on racial preferences) is much favored than merit as we have seen with recent government-funded studies such as ‘poshness test’ or ‘Elitist Britain’ etc (links on the letter).

Also European states tend to prefer old imperial practices of imposing the primacy and dominance of their own ”values’ (as we hear a lot of ‘British Values’) on ”Others” unlike the North American states which tends to encourage and support ‘melting pot’ of cultural, social and intellectual differences (as founded within the birth of their nations). As such if one is a Muslim or non-Muslim African, Asian and other immigrants (now third- or second- generation citizens) to UK or within any other western European states ones definition of personal and professional successes or failures within these societies can only be defined by one’s [apparent] complete assimilation defined as subverting one’s old cultural, intellectual, social, political and even religious identity for a new local ”westernized-national values”: a very important and highly sensitive point.

This is what brought us to recent new counter-terror and radicalization policies as announced by Mr. Cameron. These new laws and policies seeks to ”force integration’‘ by weakening ”others identities and values” and thus enforcing, on a massive scale, a form of collective social engineering [and punishment] in the likes of what is deemed to constitute ‘being a British Citizen”; namely by forcing a removal of one’s old values (at least publicly) or be denounced as a threat to the state. This – now openly, for first time, and forcefully – dictated choice has rather created an unfortunate opposite effect as Muslims in UK no longer willing to accept or quietly to tolerate any further bullying, harassment and vilification – especially in the hands of their own government, the very people and institutions entrusted to be wise and protective of everyone’s rights and safety – nor to stay quite, fearful or passive of every new dictats coming from the government and the majority greater society but instead Muslims are shouting back (here, here, here, here, here; and even the French Muslims (here) repeat similar sentiments and attitudes (to show how we Muslim ”feel-as-one”) all repeating my initial points on the opne letter sent to downing street and media, this is just to show similarities of our/Muslim thinking, attitudes and perceptions vis-a-vis newly repressive Muslim-specific targeting laws, government public positioning on local Muslims, national media and Muslim debates, International and national security affairs and politics and so forth) and perhaps most catastrophic in terms of the consequences of these acts (each more idiotic and fool-hearted than it’s predecessor) is that rather than achieving ”desired forced integration or social engineering’ of Muslims vis-a-vis ‘British[ness] Values’ these new laws are actually banding Muslims of all inclination and ideological differences together for first time and more tightly in the face of government-sanctioned perceived assault.

In other words, since the laws and policies appears to differentiate little between non-violent and violent, extreme and moderate and so forth, Muslims of all make-up, from extremists to most moderate of all, are closing ranks in a tight formation in order to survive together while accepting to be punished collectively; after all we Muslims believe that is exactly what these new (and past) government approaches are doing, namely not discriminating but rather treating as all as ‘threat’. To sum up, new acts are further isolating Muslims from their government and society, dividing the nation more, strengthening negative [rather than positive] attitudes, perceptions and fears among communities and in doing all these providing the extreme forces with a perfect sphere and conditions for recruitment and for further divisions based on mutual hatred, mistrust and broken-loyalties.



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