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UK Government ‘Silent’ (Old Imperial Practises) New Efforts To Slowly ‘Remove Islamic Faith & Identity From Muslims’ Leaving in UK

So after recent new anti-Muslims laws which literary demanded of Muslims in UK to either meekly and power-lessly accept to continue to live in the country (UK) as not only third-class SUBJECTS (not CITIZENS) but also UNDER REPRESSIVE LAWS designed specifically to target us, or to chose to leave UK (and if we decide to do so, the will be a criminal label awaiting us, as new ‘terrorists’, ‘sympathisers’ etc); a proposal supported loudly and in strength by political and security elites and commentators; see previous posts like former senior UK ”counter-terror” officer, Richard Quick, and his calls for need to give Muslims who want to leave for Syria a free charter planes as long as they leave their passports and denounce third-class British Subject status (”citizenship” apparently) and Rod Liddle on the neo-conservative magazine The Spectator and his similar ”unsympathetic” (as he notes) calls.

Now the more new ”policies and regulations” come out and are put in practice the more we become enlightened as to their real goals; as we are seeing the hidden truth behind these anti-Muslim and anti-Islam laws for what these really are? These are full efforts – not attempts – by the ruling elites of UK to strip Muslims leaving and working in UK of their Islamic cultural and religious identity, faith and ways of life; then they say we, the Muslims, are a threat to their (”western democratic”) ways of life… pleeeease!!!This is not merely a British-specific or favoured practice but it has been done by every imperial and colonial power throughout history, as once they take control of other’s lands, resources and the people, they start to set out laws that seek to strip away old national, cultural, political, social, religious, intellectual and so forth identities and in place slowly condition these local population into embracing their own identities.

SO what can we, Muslims of UK and the West in general, do?

We can decide to accept meekly these repressive laws and new efforts to strip us of our identity or we can chose to embrace more proudly and deeper our Islamic identity; this critical issue has reached that point where one must now, individually or collectively, decide on ‘us against them’, or join (like a shamed-traitor) ‘them against own people’! Alhamdullilahi it is not a brain-teaser for us Muslims.

Thus since they claim a mere display of beard-wearing is a sign of ”extremism” or ”terror threat”, or similarly of wearing Islamic cultural and religious clothings, praying and the likes (the very core of our Islamic religious and cultural identities; or in other words, just being a Muslim is DEEMED A CRIME OR CRIMINAL a priori) then we say let us start – even those among us who have felt comfortable and happy in ‘leaving and behaving like Romans, when in Rome’ –  put these western clothing and mannerism, of course just for civil disobedience purpose and to show them we will not be bullied, threatened or have our rights abused, away and to re-embrace our Islamic values, cultural and religious identity in the face of these dictatorial anti-Islamic and Muslim Laws. It is time we form a strong circle around us rather than feathered about; remember the Gladiator (film) scene when the call was to form a strong small circle or slowly be picked out one by one until everyone is done. It is our duty to stand strong now more than ever and proud as Muslims, and let show it rather than have fear in our hearts.

Let see now how they can ‘profile’ who is a threat or not, when we all chose to display the very symbols of ‘accused threats’!!! Lets make the pond a little much bigger for those who chose to swim within to do so in safety and in crisis for those who seek to divide and oppress us- CHOSE SIDE NOW!

Government ‘Prevent’ strategy ‘will brand Muslims with beards as terrorists’ (Source: The Independent Newspaper)

Not even Tony Blair went this far in alienating a community (The Independent)

This one from The Daily Mail has a good list of those who always chose to fight on the side of their imperial western masters against fellow Muslims (it is a Syrian example): Revealed: The astonishing FIFTY-FOUR countries and groups battling ISIS… so why haven’t they been crushed already?

This shows what happened to collaborators after their value of use is depreciated – their left on their own by their masters Afghan interpreters who were severely injured by the Taliban while working for the British Army LOSE fight for compensation from the UK Government

This is an old report on the list of names of senior civil servants in UK (all white, all native British, no Muslims or ethnic and they call UK ”land of equal opportunity”, hahaha):  The Whitehall list: every senior civil servant, what they do and who they work for | News | The Guardian

Critics Say Bill Would Turn Muslim Communities Into “Mini-Surveillance States”
The Decline of the West? Been There, Done That


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