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[[New UPDATES]] An Open Letter From Muslim Communities In UK To UK PM: Do Not Shift The Blame On Us (As A Result Of UK Gov Failures To Integrate Us)

Dear Mr Cameron

Today you have gone beyond the usual customary calls for Muslim Communities in UK to do more to ‘fight off’ ”extremism and radicalisation” and instead you have chosen (as UK Gov Senior Representative) to put squarely the blame on our communities for your Government policy (and British Society) failures in/at integrating Muslim populations within British Society.

1. Majority of the poor in UK are us, the Muslims; for example Leicester named as the poorest town in UK, recently.

2. Majority of the unemployed are us, the Muslims

3. Majority of those mistreated and having their civil rights abused by your security and policing services (e.g. ”counter-terror measures”, like prevent, port-profiling and detentions or stop-and-searches etc) are us, the Muslims

4. Majority of the under-represented within public institutions and services (police, courts, schools etc; in Leicester where are community neighbourhood like The Highfields with over 90 per cent ethnic and majority Muslims we have unequal and highly disproportionate misrepresentation within local public services at 90 per cent in reverse; that is our local police unit is over 90 per cent white; our local schools same; only the hospitals have good representation to local population) are us, the Muslims

5.Majority of the [repressive] laws passed – in the name of fighting ”terror” or ”national security” – today are target-specific towards us, the Muslims

6. Majority … we will leave it here as grievances and general inequalities, misrepresentation and discrimination are too many to list here, and all not out of our own/Muslim choice but placed upon us via failed government policies and greater society on integration vis-a-vis their Muslim citizens.

In short, while we, as a community and individuals, fight to integrate ourselves (and what you call ”extremism and radicalism”) and with great sadness we continue to come face-to-face with the ugly truth of British Society and it’s representative government ‘double-speak’ and double-standards; in public, claiming ‘for integration and equal opportunities’ in private and within customary standards of governance, attitudes and policies (and business hiring culture as related recently on ‘poshness tests‘ and previous studies by Runnymead Trust, search these pages here) you treat us as ‘non-British Classed immigrant subjects’ not citizens’ (namely, not British: which seemingly reinforces the psychological national-shared attitudes against us), ‘immigrant subjects’ or diasporas.

Above related ‘double-speak’ factor is further strengthen within Muslim Communities of [West and] UK when we, the Muslim [Diaspora: perfect word for what we are to you], continue to live [with great pains] with your continuing aggressive colonial-imperial mentality and culture vis-a-vis foreign policy especially when observing your double-standards behaviours across the Muslim World; violent against others and supporting violent brutality between Muslims (Bahrayn etc).

In short, UK government (and society) double-speak and double-standards are the source of blame for ”radicalisation and extremism” and not us, diaspora Muslim communities living in UK. Perhaps, if we the Muslim were rather ‘rude’ sort of people, we can approach our reply by simply saying this: ‘Dear Mr. Cameron, F*** YOU!’.


Diaspora Muslim Community in UK


Added/updated (Saturday June 20th; a day after our original post) article from The Guardian by Rowena Mason which repeats statement made above:

Warsi: Cameron wrong to target British Muslims over radicalisation

For good reads on ‘Muslims In News’;

[1] this from the favoured monkey, traitor Maajid Nawaz (for more on him search these pages here): We must prise British Muslims out of their ‘digital ghettos’: Former extremist calls for end to separation between different faiths

[2] For more delusional ”efforts” to get ”more Muslim Women” to fight ”’radicalization and extremism” see this from NewsWeek (they dont get it… and we wont tell it [namely, the secret]. The most interesting points are the two named government-funded groups, Inspire and Faith Matters, ran by Muslim traitors or as the article states sometimes also known as – that is among many local Muslims in UK – ”Informants” or ”Quillam Whores”: More UK Muslim women needed to combat extremism, say activists

[3] and here another attempt at ”psychological profiling” of those who go and fight (another NEVER TO BE TOLD SECRET – MUM IS THE WORD): Want to understand the appeal of Isis? Think like a young Muslim outsider

[4] On excellent selection of US-UK still persistent and dominant national racism culture see these;

These are young England football stars in their training camp. Look carefully and ask yourself… What do these photos tell us about race in Britain today?

The picture that exposes America’s racist double standards?

2 Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?

Refusal to Call Charleston Shootings “Terrorism” Again Shows It’s a Meaningless Propaganda Term

Finaly for good simple reads, click here or here and here (on cyber-surveillance) and here (for motor enthusiasts).

Who owns the future? How the prophets of Silicon Valley took control

Amazing maps show where Americans come from and who we are today

NEW UPDATES (Thurs 25th June 2015)

The ‘lets-get-rich’ idiots-turned-”traitor with new offer to ‘paymasters’ for ”countering radicalization” – Is teaching a counter-terrorism curriculum the best way to stop young people being radicalised?

Hana Yusuf on The Guardian and Hijab (a short video): My hijab has nothing to do with oppression. It’s a feminist statement – video and 4 a response from a white neo-conservative woman Since when was the hijab a feminist statement?

On The Intercept;

The Greatest Obstacle to Anti-Muslim Fear-Mongering and Bigotry: Reality

NSA Chief Wants to Watch, as Well as Listen and Read

WATCH: Entrapped

If You Can’t Beat ’Em: France, Up In Arms Over NSA Spying, Passes New Surveillance Law

and similar – French Surveillance Laws story – on RT:  ​Step closer to surveillance state? France passes new spying law

Oxford Bus Company Driver refuses to ‘pick up’ Muslims: Bus company faces accusations one of its drivers did not stop to pick up Muslims and new event-story National Express investigates claim of driver’s ‘racist and Islamophobic’ tirade


My country is a racist country built on the lie of freedom and opportunity

BBC staff broke rules by ‘trading internships to aid their children’

Miserable UK: World ‘well being’ league table suggests the British would be happier if they lived in Belize or Puerto Rico

Dutch city to experiment with a universal, unconditional income

Lexus releases video of Back to the Future-style hoverboard

and finally must read (echoes point-to-point our letter above) from Seumas Milne pen (republished here in full, see below):

By scapegoating Muslims, Cameron fuels radicalisation


All rights reserved by The Guardian.

The anti-Muslim drumbeat has become deafening across the western world. As images of atrocities by the jihadi terror group Isis multiply online, and a steady trickle of young Europeans and North Americans head to Syria and Iraq to join them, Muslim communities are under siege. Last week David Cameron accused British Muslims of “quietly condoning” the ideology that drives Isis sectarian brutality, normalising hatred of “British values”, and blaming the authorities for the “radicalisation” of those who go to fight for it.

It was too much for Sayeeda Warsi, the former Conservative party chair, who condemned the prime minister’s “misguided emphasis” on “Muslim community complicity”. He risked “further alienating” the large majority of Muslims fighting the influence of such groups, she warned. Even Charles Farr, the hawkish counter-terrorism mandarin at the Home Office, balked. Perhaps fewer than 100 Britons were currently fighting with Isis, he said, and “we risk labelling Muslim communities as somehow intrinsically extremist”.

But Cameron and his neoconservative allies are preparing the ground for the government’s next onslaught. The target will not be terrorism, but “non-violent extremism”. Next month, from nursery schools to optometrists, health services to universities, all will be legally obliged to monitor students and patients for any sign of “extremism” or “radicalisation”.

The new powers represent a level of embedded security surveillance in public life unprecedented in peacetime. We already know from the government’s Prevent programme the chilling impact of such mass spying on schools, where Muslim pupils have been reported for speaking out in favour of Palestinian rights or against the role of British troops in Afghanistan.

But the “counter-extremism” bill announced in the Queen’s Speech is about to take the anti-Muslim clampdown a whole stage further. The plans include banning orders for non-violent individuals and organisations whose politics are considered unacceptable; physical restriction orders for non-violent individuals deemed “harmful”; powers to close mosques; and vetting controls on broadcasters accused of airing extremist material. It’s censorship under any other name.

That was the view of Sajid Javid, then culture secretary, in a leaked letter to the prime minister earlier this year. But Cameron shows every sign of pressing ahead with what amounts to a full-blown assault on basic liberties. Most ludicrously, the new powers are defended in the name of “British values”, including “individual liberty” and “mutual respect and tolerance”.

But as became clear in the aftermath of the murderous Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this year, we are not all Charlie when it comes to freedom of speech. Anti-extremism powers will be used overwhelmingly against Muslims, rather than, say, non-Muslim homophobes and racists who have little interest in mutual respect and tolerance.

And they will fail, as their earlier incarnations have done, to discourage the small minority drawn to terrorism at home or jihadi campaigns abroad. Government ministers claim such violence is driven by “ideology” rather than injustice, grievance or its own policies. But, given that they refuse to speak to any significant Muslim organisation they don’t agree with or fund, perhaps it’s not surprising to find them in thrall to an ideology, neoconservatism, of their own.

Any other explanation for the terror threat would in any case implicate the government and its predecessors. In reality, it shouldn’t be so hard to understand why a small section of young alienated Muslims are attracted to fight in Syria and Iraq with Isis and other such groups. Jihadi “ideology” has been around for a long time. But there were no terror attacks in Britain before US and British forces invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and those behind every violent attack or terror plot have cited western intervention in the Muslim world as their motivation.

Isis has a different appeal to al-Qaida. It has taken huge stretches of territory using naked terror, destroyed borders and set up a self-proclaimed caliphate. In the Middle East it presents itself as the defender of Sunnis in a convulsive sectarian war. For a few young marginalised western Muslims, such groups can offer the illusion of a fight against tyranny and a powerful sense of identity.

But add in relentless media hostility, rampant Islamophobia, state surveillance and harassment of Muslim communities, and such alienation can only spread. In the past year, we’ve had the “Trojan Horse” Birmingham schools plot that never was, the ousting of an elected Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets by a judge – including on grounds that he had exercised “undue spiritual influence” on Muslims – and evidence of an increasing level of anti-Muslim attacks. Islamophobia now far outstrips hostility to any other religion or ethnic group.

Ministers and their media allies downplay the role of “foreign policy” in Muslim radicalisation, against all the evidence. By foreign policy, they mean multiple western invasions and occupations of Muslim states, torture and state kidnapping on a global scale, and support for dictatorships across the Arab and Muslim world. That includes Saudi Arabia, of course, which shares much of Isis’s “ideology” and practices; and Egypt, whose ex-military leader, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, overthrew the elected president in 2013 and is soon to be welcomed to Downing Street.

Isis is itself the direct product of the US and British occupation and destruction of Iraq, and both countries back armed rebel groups fighting in Syria – as they did in Libya. So no wonder would-be jihadis get confused about who is on whose side. Western Isis volunteers are a disaster for Syria and Iraq, but so far they haven’t carried out return attacks at home.

That could of course change, not least as the government criminalises dissent, brands conservative religiosity “extremist” and, in the formulation of ministers, “quietly condones” Islamophobia. The British government has long fed terrorism with its warmaking abroad. Now it’s also fuelling it with its scapegoating of Muslims at home.





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