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Semi-Recommended Reading: Myriam Francois-Cerrah’s Article In The New Statesman & The Bilderberg 2015 Full Attendees List

Article link: The absurd hunt for “Muslim toddler terrorists” exposes the extent of anti-Muslim prejudice

Bilderberg: 2015 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List | Public Intelligence


America curbs state snooping, Britain gives the green light

MPs David Davis and Tom Watson in court challenge

Police ‘deliberately manipulated’ accounts of a stop-and-search that resulted in death of Asian man, misconduct hearing told

Police try to spy on calls or texts every two minutes: Forces made 733,000 requests in just two years as extent to which officers are accessing data is laid bare

​‘GCHQ doesn’t spy on everyone, we don’t have enough staff’ – intelligence officer

Gang of women attacks Muslim mother picking up children from school
Muslim woman attacked in London ‘for wearing hijab’
Surveillance laws are being rewritten post-Snowden, but what will really change?
Sorry, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, but The Met series really is a puff piece | UK news | The Guardian
It’s not just the police – the whole of British society is institutionally racist, claims Britain’s top officer
Tony Blair’s new job shows how self-important and detached he has become
The plight of the young and unemployed – The Washington Post

Pupils as young as 10 quizzed on radicalism: So-called counter-extremism questionnaire asks children how far they would go to defend their religion

U.S. ‘won’t let Guantanamo Briton go free because he’ll tell of torture’: Senior MP says there is evidence authorities want Shaker Aamer to remain in jail to keep quiet

On Patriot Act Renewal and USA Freedom Act: Glenn Greenwald Talks With ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer

STEPHEN GLOVER: If we’re all in it together, why are MPs stuffing their pockets with a 10 per cent rise?

How the Hiring Process Favors Elites

Brits have edge in bug-sweeping Continental European companies that sell bug-sweeping equipment such as microphone and spy-camera detectors are increasingly up against British competitors with(…) [ 151 words ]

People in Leicester are the poorest in the country, a national…

Stunning pictures of Amazon ‘Lost World’ the size of Wales – home to uncontacted tribes and undiscovered animals – that will finally be protected from loggers after nine year battle

Funny reactions of animals seeing their reflections for the first time

The Noble Post-White House Career Path of Obama’s Core Team



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