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The Week Big Story: Seymour Hersh (Respected Journalist), The US government & The ‘Presented Sory’ on [the apparent] ‘Killing’ Of Sheikh Am’r Usama Bin Ladin (R.A.)

This week the biggest story, hidden as usual from front pages and screens of mainstream media, is of course the new breaking alternative story to one presented by The US Government on the [apparent] ‘killing’ of Sheikh Am’r Usama Bin Ladin {R.A.}; we put quotes on the killing because we truly believe if he was alive before the so-called ‘Abottabad Raid’ then the blessed Sheikh is still alive at some remote godforsaken ‘black sites’ tightly-bounded and guarded and used primary for intelligence collection purpose and other ‘conspiratorial uses’ (hiding relations, networks, Saudi-connections etc); read previous posts for our full arguments and ‘presented supporting facts’ on the why he might still be alive somewhere.

Anyway to read the new version of the story which challenges US Government Hollywoodian portrayed and presented heroic (American favoured portrayal) version – and equally immortalized onto an Hollywood major propaganda featured film, Zero Dark Thirty – and written by a well-respected international investigative journalist who broke top stories such as My Lai (the genocide of Vietnamese village by US forces in the 1960-70s) and most recent stories like Abu Ghraib Muslim prisoners’ torture by US forces and mercenaries and the Iran Nuclear etc.; click here for the article at London Books Review, and here for The Intercept excellent commentary on what appeared to have been the very first person to break and presented a similar version of the story as presented by Messr. Hersh and finally here for a new collaborative ‘insider story’ published on today’s (14.05.15) The Independent UK newspaper.

What is the Value of republishing the story here to share with you?

The value is simple to provide you with another of ‘supporting facts’ that shows the reality is much more hidden and just might support our claims of Sheikh Am’r Usama Bin Ladin {R.A.} living status; in other words, that is he is still alive and held up at a highly sensitive disclosed and classified black site. Why? As any interrogator or police interviewer would inform you (even spies) that once you have too many versions of same story coming in then the truth is far from known but can be known for those who really care to do their work; sadly do not count on our ‘free and independent’ western media to take to the task!

How Seymour Hersh decries Obama and western warmongers – English pravda.ru

best of ‘western democracy’ Intelligence officers given immunity from hacking laws

Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It

​Baroness Warsi warns of ‘Cold War against British Muslims’ — RT UK

2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest – The Atlantic



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