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Note: The video link attached here does not contain any violent or gruesome images. It depicts life of Muajhidins in training (camp) only.

OK. First and foremost JG does not [re]produce or [re]publish videos from fighting Muslims brothers and sisters or any other [non-Muslim] fighting groups but this – the first one to be shared ever – is very educational for all those naive young Muslim wannabe Rambos (esp. those born and bred in easy-go-lucky western world) and the general romanticists or adventurous types; of course, excluded are the naturally socio- and psycho- paths whose primary interest and drive is pure violence for power and dominance status and ”self-achievement”; after all these have been ”suppressed, marginalized and denied” fair playground and equality in the west, as many have argued, and now, with a gun in they hands and some basic military training, they feel like they can make their own destinies through, as the cliché goes, ‘the way of the gun’.

Of course, the socio and psycho paths are those who once belonged in violent gangs or had a long history of violence, crimes and abuses and so forth, and now are ”born-again-Moslems”; found their gods, which means ”their way to power” denied them; the ”school bullies”. The romanticists and adventurous, including the ‘faithful-s’, are those with excellent educational background and upbringing, who are completely driven by ‘heroic passion’ as conditioned through young age and Disney films, bedtime or madrasa stories, films etc as well as the need and passion to prove their [a] manliness, [b] Muslimness, [c] humanitarianism and compassion for other fellow Muslim, and [d] of course the old naive idealism of ‘the hippies’, – ‘we can change the world for good and for peace’; these are once ”the bullied” with inferiority feeling most of their growth, and now is time to set every emotion and past memories to bed so they believe.

Anyway, the video is 50mins (or so) long and shows in progress the complete process of Mujahidins training; from military physical fitness, skills at arms, bomb-making (just classroom not actual instructions ”for interested parties”), fieldcraft/outdoor living, indoctrination etc. What is so informative, and the very reason we have chosen to attach the link to the video here…

Note: the website source of the video is from a well-known American-Jew ”Jihadists expert”, Aaron Y Zelin, actually what he does is he just ”interprets” (or as he calls is site, a clearinghouse for) primary released materials by Muslim fighting groups and make it ‘legally, after sanitized’ publishable or ”make analysis”; hence following the link does not break any proto-fascist ‘Islam witch-hunt’ found within western ”counter-terror” laws since the website is in essence a a legitimate professional news site

… is to show you how hard ‘life of a jihad or mujahidin’ truly is, it is, in simplest words not a f***** picnic; meaning it is not for the weak or for those who just want to ‘impress their girlfriends’ types; most who join militaries tend to go for these reasons; prove manliness or ‘impress girls or friends’ etc, and few who keep to it and love every minute of it are those who are purely adventurous, up for military challenges and of course violent-driven psychos and the ‘lost souls’.

Thus those who chose to follow this Guerilla warfare-type of a struggle path are hardcore fanatics who are committed to their cause (like every other guerilla since ever, from communists to nationalists etc) and who have been brought to such a place, Jihad battlefields, due to many factors – not usually experienced by relatively safe and well-off young naive western Muslim –  such as first-hand observed crimes against their loved ones, torture, murder, assassinations, or well indoctrinated to ‘God cause’ and for the ‘goodhearted ones’ for their true love of their people (patriotism) and identity (nationalism).

So our message, and our action taken in sharing this video is to provide you with the true nature of the life of jihad and mujahidin; isolation, loneliness, ‘masturbation till you are dry’ (no kidding, your hands will be your only warmth, of course until you have some hand-related accidents in battlefield or mishandling some weapon systems etc, then you are f****, you will need to start training yourself to using your feet, haha, not funny, but reality) – the only thing that can free you is victory or death!

Point: There are no victors in wars, all are losers. Hence Sun Tzu wise words only those who win wars without a drop of bloodshed can be deemed perfect strategists or military genius, the rest are idiots as the people they lead (lambs leading lambs).

FINAL NOTE: you know why many of the recent videos coming from fighting Muslim groups are shocking?

Because for the first in very long time – since humans became disgusted by war realities decided to ‘close off’ battlefields from non-combatants civilians, especially those far away from actual battlefields – is because Muslim fighting group with the assistance of cheaply available mobile and video systems have decided yet again to ‘open up the war zones’ to all, and to show cruelties of victors and those placed on the conquered, civilians and combatants.

In short, everyone commit gruesome war crimes but few hear or know about these, hence above two links of the story about French soldiers sexually abusing children they were ”sent” to protect, now imagine if these were ‘enemies’ soldiers, families etc, you will never be shown these, esp. not through our ‘free and independent’ western mainstream media; these are told, or rather asked politely, not to show these as many other or else ‘they will lose the coveted access privileges to insider relations, networking and stories  – EVERYONE DOES IT, ALL SOLDIERS (actually many) ARE CRIMINALS, FULL STOP!

Muslims in News:

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Igor sits facing the water, as two of his dogs sit on either side of him, enjoying the peaceful scenery



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