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Asked & Answered (On ISIS): What Is Our (JG/Muslim Nationalists) Positions On Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/Da’ish?

Original Question:

What is Jerusalem Group (JG), as Muslim Secular (with religious cultural and identity-sharing respect) Nationalists position on the Islamic State (ISIS)?

The answer:

We at JG do not support their ‘brand of Islam’ and would, if necessary, fight against them everywhere they are found and where they try to import their criminal and barbaric extreme version of Islam.

Point of View:

I, personally, as a senior leadership member of JG, once thought of organising a group of like-minded Muslim nationalists (predominantly from the West), brothers and sisters (mix), under the banner of ‘anti-ISIS Muslim Nationalists Brigades’, to fight besides the Kurds for example in the North of Iraq (e.g. Mosul, Tikrit) and Syria-Turkey borders (e.g. Kobane) though as purely independent combat outfit; that is not attached to any [of the many] proliferated – and self-interested – warlords’ (e.g. Hashd al-Shaabi, in english known as The Popular Mobilisation Forces) and foreign mercenaries (‘Lions of Rojave’ or so-called UK ‘International Voluntary Force’) groups or hybrids of these two (mercenaries and local warlords, e.g YPG and Peshmerga).

The aim was to create and organise a small platoon- or company-sized armed group made entirely of western Muslims with moderate religious views and/or purely liberal secular and democratic attitudes but sharing Islamic nationalistic (Islamism or rather, as we define, neo-Islamism) shared political outlook.

The goal was to personally train these in the operational and tactical arts of war (in other words, put them through private ‘boot camp’ lasting at least 4 to 6 months with complete military training program from ‘skills at arms’, to military physical fitness, fire and manoeuvres tactics, combined arms coordination etc; the length of training time is so to produce a synced and well-competent and professional combat unit/force) and as well as lead and command them in actual battlefields without interference from any other groups – though accepting the need to co-ordinate operations – so to avoid deviating from our strict ‘rules of engagements’ as prescribed by international [war and common as well as human rights] laws. The goal was to produce an highly fluid shock troops whose main goal is not to seize, hold or manage ‘liberated areas’ (though my intended goal was to provide these units with ‘full special warfare’ training in the special and important areas of civil affairs, Psyops, political administration support etc) but to purely destroy fanatical ISIS armed fighters in battelfields; the goal is the destruction of the ‘armies’ not the ‘cities’!!!

Alas, based on respect to UK laws, we, and myself in specific, did (for now and then) decide to keep away from all these activities as it might arouse wrong conclusions and ‘legal’ actions as defined under modern – equal to proto-fascism – ”counter-terror laws”. These ‘legal actions’ would have come anyway since we would have deter any approaches of co-operation, as our important policy, with western ‘interested parties’ and their support (arms, logistics etc).

Note: the position of deterring western ‘cooperation’ is purely based on the strategic – at macro and micro levels – needs of not ‘soiling our name’ as another of western mercenaries or Muslim sell-outs etc. And, just to point out, with the rise and rise of extreme Islamism like ISIS, as well as the growing powers of ‘bad blood and ruling history’ regional states in the likes of Iran, Turkey, Saudi and their interests to shed more, rather than reducing, Muslim bloodshed, we start to rethink the entirety of ‘bad west’ within the tutelage of ‘better the devil you know’; which also serve us very well, that is secular nationalists, as we have shared commonalities of ‘freeing many from religious stupidities and oppression’, of course minus (what we hate most) ‘freeing from one tyranny just to replace it with western acceptable tyranny’.

In short, in future, JG might [a] finally reconstitute and re-organise that ‘armed force’ but within accepted local western laws and after permission from local governments’ security agencies and national laws (and with their full regulations and supervisions, though not direct involvement) and [b] even work with the west in the face of ultra-religious ‘awakening’ of Islamic extremism within Muslim world purely to ‘liberate and peacefully unite’ local (not pan-ism but national) Muslims under Good Laws and Good Governments.

Selection of articles of interest:

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