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[UPDATED NOTE] Asked & Answered: Is Anjem Choudray an Informant for UK Security Services (MI5, MI6 etc)? Yes He Is, But …

Recently a question was put forward about the trustworthiness of Anjem Choudray, the UK-based Muslim ultra/neo-conservative formerly of the now banned Al-Muhajiroun and now with Sharia4UK movement.

The answer to the question is a bit complex and will require a brief explanation to strengthen it’s logic.

Original Asked Question: Is Anjem Choudray an Informant for UK Security Services?

Our simple and to the point answer is: YES HE IS (with a caveat, of course, explained below).

You see, brothers and sisters (and general readers), Anjem Choudray can be defined as a turncoat in intelligence/espionage lingua. What does a turncoat means? A turncoat is a double-agent or in other words an individual caught in the act [so to speak] and was from then onwards given a choice either to save his or her skin by selling-out others or to suffer severe punishment (including torture and inevitable death) himself directly or/and with loved ones (families, friends, relations etc). Turncoats tend to come in variations, in other words, there are those who offer oneself as a double agent readily and voluntarily, and then there those, like Anjem Choudray, who appears to have been forced into a life of a double agent in order to turn against those close to him in relations, networks and other links. Now, individuals like Choudray are highly unpredictable and dangerous not just to all parties involved (themselevs included and of course their initial ‘comrades’ and now his handlers) but to the mission’s goal; thus these individuals tend to have literary a red-dot, 24/7, on their heads, or in other words watched and leashed tightly against any attempts of deviation.

Anjem Choudray to our aalytical and studious efforts (and background knowledge of professional and the likes) can definetly be defined as an informant (double agent) for UK security services at all levels and agencies. This conclusion can be reached by analysing all those who have come in contact and relationship with the individual as now to be either be dead or on a long-term (most of the time, life) imprisonment. In other words, he ‘tells’ on them to his new masters who have put fear into his very inner core. Now this person is highly unstable as a result of his self-hate and suffering brought about by his correct understnding and appreciation of direct personal responsibility in the death, torture and incarceration of many of his ”friends, acquittances and the likes” he sold out to save his skin. And now here comes the horrorific unstable nature of these individuals, who appears to have no real lesser passion or love to their ”cause” (in Choudray’s reference his Islamic neo-conservatism and beliefs of a ‘righteous war against crusaders’ etc) and most of the time these individuals will never accept to be ”infinitely used” by their handlers (that is, the people they despise and hate the most and can do nothing about it now because such people have them by their balls) and these with their ‘helpless feelings and positions’ will either [a] continue to play complex triple agent role, that is accept being used but also ‘giving heads up to their friends’ that they are now compromised and under their ‘enemies thumbs and doing’; in Choudray case this does not seem to have taken place based on analysis of ‘behaviour, acts and events’. As such it is the second effect which seems more probable to take place with Choudray, this is of course when he finally ‘says f**k it’ and decides, as many have done in the past – most memorable recent modelled-example is that of the Jordanian agent who blew himself, with a head turban-placed bomb, in the company of top US intelligence officers in Afghanistan, US intelligence believed they had him ‘well-trained’ as their double agent but he was of course playing them! – [thus to continue] one can predict Anjem Choudray will either;

[a] be ‘eliminated’ by those who he have sold-out and close to him or their proxies fighters (probability to take place: 20-25%),

[b] ‘eliminate’ himself by his own hand (40-45% of probability to happen) or

[c] take himself and his handler out in public place probably during a meeting arranged by himself deliberately with the goal of either taking more [civilians] lives if using a detonated device but probability of having or allowed ease of access to such a weapons system or time to acquire material, prepare and the likes is unlikely due to ’24/7′ watch hence only way, if he chooses this approach, will be to use easily attainable weapon such a knives etc; probability not likely to happen, his behavioural make-up and character does not put him on this category of ‘violence’; but that is the first lesson ‘never under-estimate’).

Note: two of his closest ‘comrades’ – the converts, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale – arrested recently on the murder of the soldier, late Pvt Rigby, can be seen as an attempt by Choudray handlers to ‘take suspcisious off him’ by sacrificng one single martry; after, presumably knowing before hand from Choudray intel that the culprits were seeking to harm ‘readily available target of opportunity’ (important point: small target of one or two and not en mass target or victims) presumably in uniform; remember all those ‘non-uniformed officers’ in the scene so ‘quick in reaction time’ etc; by and by find the ‘intervening lady’ if you can now?!. Remember the Doctor who went to Talibanis (and drone-d) or, literary, all AQAP-bound/affiliated Muslims from UK (and their ‘arrests’) including Anwar Al-Awlaki (and son), Syria-bounded (and returning with his ‘connection’) etc. Anyhooo….

In short, the guy might die by his own hand as a result of his self-suffering brought about by personal placed burden of informing on his own; poor man, literary. However my personal bet is on Anjem Choudray attempting endlessly to flee for overseas safe haven under probably any new ‘fighting groups’, e.g. Islamic State, that is not those old who can associate him with [forced] treachery.

And to clarify (April, Friday 17th 2015): If the guy is not a ‘conscious forced-CI/informant’ then he is being used (hence never arrested) as ‘honey-trap’ (in espionage it does not mean used for sexual exploitation to entice and blackmail etc), which in this reference means being used as ‘focal point’ of attraction and [most importantly] ‘network, links, contacts’ mapping-analysis and intelligence collection; in layman terms, to get to ‘who is who’ and ‘connected to who’, what they say, how they say (pass message or communicate) and so forth – it all started from this readily available source of (unknowing and unconsciously used) intel asset. His phones, internet, relations, words from his mouth (in real time), movements (real time), interactions, [metadata], and every little thing he does or say (all in real time) make him an important unwitting source of intel; sort of ‘ground-zero source’ for medical investigations during contagious or other outbreaks. All this means he is highly radioactive, which means any person or thing which comes close to him will from then onward be affected with the radiation so to speak.

Hopes this provides a helpful answer.

Now to share a little of favourite ‘quotes’;

On Policing: this fave quote comes from UK TV Series The Thin Blue Line with Rowan Atkinson who plays the lead actor, Insp Raymond Fowler. In a scene from series 2 episode 1, ‘Caught In The Act’, Insp Fowler is engaged in discourse with his opponent Det Insp Derek Grim of CID on the merits of ‘entrapment’ in order to bring a violent criminal to justice so to ‘save’ the community and public from his dealings. This is what Rowan Atkinson had to say, if only it was in the real world;

”… the public can be in no greater danger than when the police consider themselves above the law”, and adding, ”better the criminal get away free than when the police become criminal themselves”. Hallelujah to this, we say!

This quote now comes from Balthsar Gracian (1601-1658), a courtean;

”It is a misfortune of universal geniuses that in attempting to be at home everywhere, are so no where”.

This quote comes from the great Bertolt Brecht (Cold War beloved poet and thinker);

”Who does not know the truth is simply a fool, yet who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal” – Here Here, we say!

And from the Book of Tao we have these few selections;

”He who has atatined enlightment (without contriving to do so) is not concerned with making friends or enemies, with good or bad, with praises or blame. Such detachment is the highest state of man” – sorry for sexist nature of ‘man-centric’.

”To master oneself, one must act without cunning”.

”He who is non-competitive, invites no competition”.

Hasta Que La Muerte Nos Separe, Mia Amor (private:haha).

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