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Maajid Nawaz Leaked Video at The Strip Club for a Lap Dance: Disavowed by His [Spy] Masters or The Muslim-Accepted Version of What a ‘Whitemen Corruption’ Looks-Like?

Well today top breaking story is of course that which sorrounds the loud-mouth self-proclaimed and self-publicized ”Muslim or Islamists expert and community leader” traitor-collaborator Mr Maajid Nawaz and his little visit to a London strip club for a [lunchtime] lap dance and boozing; click here for Daily Mail story and here to go to youtube for leaked video clip (3mins).

The remaining question now is what exactly happened?

For ordinary people the issue stops here, for others the need to find the logic behind the ”apparent accidental” leak or event needs answers especially since when the events comes behind few other recent events on the subject-matter etc. Anyway since no one can really ‘know’ the exact answer but can only speculate – unless one was part of the sensitive secret implementation or operational team – then the thread-piecing appears to lead to probable disavowment by his government handlers; in other words, it appears Mr. Nawaz 15-mins of fame and fortune is done, or to put it more clearly, his value or use is no longer required by his masters (see ‘note’ below for explanation).

Note: Those whose use or value are no longer required tend to be ‘set up’ doing embarrasing activities or behaviours (this means ‘not target for elimination or even complete ‘sidelined’ as might still be of use in future), while those who know too much but not too serious to the state security are ‘burned’ in other words assured that they will never again work within the intelligence services (espionage), security or government or any ‘easy for wealth-massing positions or roles’ and will forever be kept on tight-leash (these might be driven to self-harm or death; in other words, the ‘secret people’ wont eliminate these directly but will utilise every weapon available to drive these individuals to do the act by their own hands and preferably miles away from any of their own ‘associates’). Finally they are those who are just ‘dealt with’ for knowing more than the average, the actual ‘dirty hands’ who had a direct role in the conduct of the secret operations, for example the so-called elite US force which ”captured and killed” Sheikh Am’r Usama Bin Laden – our position is this: he might have died long time ago and the raid just hit an ‘valueless’ family compound made up of women and young chidlren; or if he was still alive then he IS definitely still alive and held somewhere in secret location as the logic is simple no such operation can afford to ‘remove’ (that is assasinate as popularly the story is told and fed to us) such an important leadership asset who embodied the ‘holy grail’ to get into the entire organisation’s structural, operational, personnel or networking intelligence and mindset.

Of course the other explanation is the old Muslim (and everyone else positioning) that traitors and collaborators tend to be corrupted from their old [Muslim etc] values and ways of lives, principles or patriotism by ‘enemies’ women (or offers of such women and pleasures), wealth (as Mr Nawaz has amassed so far), popularity and fame (again in case of Mr Nawaz he has been built up as many others, e.g Leicester’s own Mr Suelman Nagdi and others, as a ‘model [western] Muslim and given or sort out by western governments for advice and so forth – feeding his ego and value-legitimacy) and the likes. Anyway either way, he was a useless, corrupted, treacherous, spineless monkey then (esp to us, Muslims) and with new revelations, we, all Muslims, will definitely say ‘who gives a s***’, we have disavowed him longtime ago!

For those who missed ‘must read’ posts during the eastern break have a look at this and this and for our few old (most recent) posts on Mr Maajid Nawaz go here. Also Pope Francis Easter Mondays Speech calling for a new [western] crusade against barbaric Islam.

Finally few recommended articles, this disturbing Daily Mail article on [literary] the effect of ‘liberalisation of sex education’ on very young children (as seen through their art-projects; during our childhood we drew trees, seas, animals, forests, mountains etc not penises!) and for police power abuses and racial discriminations, click here and here (you can find more by just googling nowadays as these are allover the places with abuses and surveillance etc).

P.S. Check out the new US TV series called American Odyssey; it ‘contains’ the references to above mentioned ‘conspiracy’ on the death of the elite US force just ”after assassinating” Sheikh Amir Usama in Pakistan.

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