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Our Proven Analytical Assessments & Predictions: Shakil Ahmed (Labour Councillor, Rochdale) Son & Syria, New Waves of Hijra-Seekers, The Independent article on the Treatment of Muslims In Contemporary Britain

First and foremost – and all discussion today to be mainly in brief – our review that whatever happens or whatever the government might think it ”is succeeding” in winning over the Muslims (the great illusion), Muslims will remain ever true (and grow more so) with fellow Muslims (hoo-hah). If non-Muslims – or even the so-called ”converts”, too many today to be suspicious – knew the exact reason behind this then the great secret of truly defeating and destroying not just ‘being a Muslim’ as a cultural, nationalistic and civilizational identity but also as a religion and a political philosophy will be accomplished with ease – this is our most guided and unspoken secret [by oath as cultic as it gets].

Anyway, hence the news of new Muslims of the west seeking to fulfil an hijra (migration) back to Muslim lands (esp. of Syria as governed under IS Islamic sharia) and among those members of ”integrated good Muslims” whose parents hold institutional and establishment positions. A Muslim will always be a Muslim – the pride of Islam and Muslimness even among ”collaborators and traitors” these always hold back as a result of deeply self-harming thoughts (day and night) of their treachery and ”sins” on ”turning” against their own. You might also want to briefly review this day-old post here which discusses this ‘phenomenon’ in some details.

On treatment of Muslims in contemporary Britain, the story related by this young Muslim sister (Hanna Yusuf) and published today in The Independent is without a doubt a shared story and experience among many Muslim in Britain today. We all have, undoubtedly, experienced same treatment, right? I, and my fellow brothers and sisters at JG, too have experienced this in the past and probably will do again in the future as I (this blog author and JG senior member) am planning a long-range backpacking expedition across the Muslim world of North Africa, Middle East and Near Far East (Asia: Afghanistan, Kashmir and Pakistan): starting in Agadir in Morocco [South] coming up to Tangier (Morocco North) and across the Rif Mountainous (and drugs-ridden) regions of Northeastern to the borders of Algeria before crossing and dashing through via coastal Mediterranean towns due to Algeria being rather dangerous and most dodgy of North African Islamic States (due to experience under the harsh rule of French Colonists) to Tunisia then Libya (another dash through country due to ongoing conflicts) to Egypt down to Abu Simbel and up again via the Nile the [dash-through conflict-ridden] Sinai to Rafah and try to enter [only: I do not want to deal with the Jews, at least not yet, or have any Jew-stamp on my passport] Gaza turn back (unless I can smuggle covertly myself across to the West Bank) and from there cross to Jordan come (optional) down to Saudi, Yemen, Oman, UAE, up again to Kuwaiti, Iraq, Iran, to Baluchistan in the extreme south of Pakistan-Iran border areas follow northward and staying on Korakaram Highway to SWAT valley and North Frontier Area then attempt to cross into Afghanistan via Khyber Pass and from here start north then cut through to Helmand and finish at Herat before moving back to Iran or taking a direct plan back to UK; all depend of course on saved funds and how long this can sustain my solo-expedition.

Anyway, this is the article published today on The Independent (copyright reserved).

I never fully believed that British Muslims were being victimised, but then I was stopped at Heathrow

It’s so distressing when those who are supposed to protect you treat you like a criminal.

I’ve always been aware of the injustices British Muslims face, but I’ve sometimes doubted the narrative of the “Muslim victim”.

Why is it such a big deal if you’re singled-out every now and then because of your appearance? If you have nothing to hide, there should be no problem – just cooperate, surely? Security officers would never apply a blanket stop and search; they only stop potential criminals with good reason, right?

Wrong. Just over a month ago, I was about to arrive at border control at London Heathrow, having flown in from Dubai. Suddenly, I was pulled aside and told to hand over my passport. I smiled at the officer as she scrutinised what I was wearing from my headscarf to my sandals. She didn’t smile back.

I gave her my passport, naïvely expecting a normal conversation about what I had been up to during my travels. Instead I was greeted with a look that I can only describe as being full of contempt.

She began by asking general questions such as “why are you alone?”. I happily answered as fully as I could. She then began to unpick anything that I said with suspicion. She found it difficult to believe that I had paid for my own ticket and I had to explain how a mere Muslim girl could afford a trip to the Middle East.

She made me feel intimidated by directing me closer to the wall – perhaps to stop the possibility of me getting away – by which time I began to cry. Ignoring my tears, she continued to make me feel like a criminal, without knowing anything about me. It took a long time before she seemed to accept that it’s possible for an unmarried young Muslim woman to travel alone without the lure of a male jihadist.

I was so wounded by this incident. I had no problem with being questioned by airport security, but what troubled me was the way the situation was handled. To label someone as guilty until innocent is problematic, but what made the situation worse is that even once she established that I wasn’t an extremist, I was still treated with doubt.

This may seem minor, especially if you compare it to other instances of discrimination in the UK. But these small, everyday moments have a cumulative effect, and increasingly undermine the relationship between British Muslims and their home country.

I’m completely aware that our authorities have to take certain measures to protect us. But it’s crucial that we draw a line between national security and what can be considered to be the marginalisation of an already marginalised group.

After the incident with the security officer, I made my way to border control. I was referred to a manager, mainly because I could not stop crying. He was kind and very apologetic, but he justified it as a necessary part of the airport’s security measures. He assumed that the reason I was stopped was because I am a “young Muslim girl”, and therefore a potential “jihadi bride”.

Indeed, I am young and I was wearing a headscarf. However, if we were to substitute the word “Muslim” for another minority group, would that be ok? Would anyone ever say: “You were stopped because you’re a young Jewish girl, so we couldn’t take any risks”?

It’s so disheartening when the people who are supposed to be protecting you treat you like a criminal. To tackle everyday Islamophobia, we must firstly acknowledge its existence. And once we’ve done this, we can finally start to repair the values of tolerance and diversity that Britain is supposed to be built on.

I never fully believed that British Muslims were being victimised, but then I was stopped at Heathrow – Comment – Voices – The Independent

On This Washington Post article bi Liz Sly published Sun 05th Apr 2015 the writer [a bit late] support our old thesis (see this post) but failing to connect more threads as a new ‘trend’: The hidden hand behind the Islamic State militants? Saddam Hussein’s. – The Washington Post and from The Independent same ‘storyline’ is How Saddam’s former military officers and spies are now the hidden hand behind Isis as well as The Daily Mail, here: all, due to the time-release behaviour appears to be the West new counter-propaganda effort to ‘defeat the Islam[ism] rhetoric’ by replacing it with old ‘hated Baathist secularism’. Our old post can be found here and other very old post (search through).

Finally an interesting event during Easter break, if you missed it:


MI5 and police partly to blame for radicalisation – say four in 10 British Muslims – Telegraph

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