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Humza Arshad: Another DUD weapon for Hearts and Minds of Young (British) Muslims In ”Counter-Extremism or radicalization War”

Another Moron, Another waste of taxpayer doe: logic or explanation for such a claim provided below in brief.

We first picked up Mr. Humza Arshad attempts to get paid – by milking the ‘seemingly pitless counterterror/extremism funds cow’ provided by UK authorities (at local to national) and in doing so to also help himself break into the competitive and highly racial mainstream comedy and entertainment scene/industry – in 2014 when he started attracting the interest of local east midlands (e.g. Leicestershire Police) Forces; Click here for Leicester Mercury article, here for BBC as he gets his 15+ mins of fame for his ”good Muslim” service given readily to all ”good Muslim” collaborators and here for ITV story of same). The lad started as a popular street comedian doing observational pieces on Muslim society and culture, and when the authorities saw his ‘gift and talent’ and most importantly his ‘young audience’ they saw an opportunity to ‘shape young Muslims minds’ through the favoured tactic, manipulation, distortion and ‘re-education’ from their ”role models”; equivalent of using western celebrities to spread western fashion, arts and culture and so forth.

Today (April Thurs 2nd 2015) the story is published in the US on The Washington Post, click here. There is a nice little pic at the corner of the article on this paper which shows in the background a white (presumably ”counter terrorism officer”) individual taking pictures of the naive little attending idiots; this is how they do it, they bring one of their lackeys (e.g. Mr. Arshad) as entertainment or seminal speaker then start taking pictures and records of those in attendance for follow up and NOW you are on the system (poor naive idiots); we talked and warned about this in details in the past, click here for old post.

As for [the] why this new act and effort, as those in the past – done by ‘well-trained and government-funded Imams’, to ‘Mosque secret rules and surveillance’, to ‘community-funded projects and services’, to promotion of ”old reformed extremists such as Mr Majid Nawaz (here) and so forth – will fail?

Well if you are a Muslim (our new approach to avoid ‘spilling priceless [Muslim Insider] knowledge’) you do not really need an explanation as you will appreciate the fact that once;

[a] any individual, defining and presenting oneself as a Muslim (reformed or otherwise), start being associated with British authorities or heck let just say the racist wording with the ”white men” and as such seen and viewed (and reviled) as treacherous and/or collaborator, then whatever these people are re-selling (as sold by ”white men” in government) is a ‘toxic brand’, no one wants it. People, of course, can pretend to listen, to participate, to engage and so forth but once back in the communities, at home, among friends and so forth (that is, away from ”white men” gaze and scrutiny) then people revert back to ‘Islam and Muslimness’, and perhaps most importantly, as a second point….

[b] these people – that is individuals, projects or efforts – associated directly and openly or indirectly and secretive (suspicious is enough to put a distance) with the ‘white men in government’ –  start ‘the counter-extremism or reforming efforts’ these acts tends to have different effect from the intended goal (reforming) as these people or actions (when associated as conspiratorial; that is, efforts mainly associated to be in partnership between those who call themselves Muslims and ”the white men”; sorry for this racial wording, its only value here is the logic and simplicity of relating meaning) lose value, legitimacy, power to influence and authority. And most important of all, these people and/or actions – especially (to reinforce the point) when carried out in partnership with or by actual ‘collaborating local Muslims’ as is evident from foreign wars and occupations – tend to make Muslims more loyal Patriots of Islam and their Muslim communities or what is now criminalized in terminology and frame of referencing to ”Radicalization or extremism”! Hence the argument (and well known and appreciated among Muslims) that the efforts are just a worthless waste of taxpayers money and thus beneficial to the ‘con-artists’ and opportunists ”Muslim” seeking to get paid or popular and so forth out of the efforts.

Well we will stop here for now.

Final word is that of the usual good reading recommendations. We have this from The New York Times (a highly pro-Jewish Lobbyist US Newspaper), written by a Palestine-Jew representative in the UN claiming Palestine-Jews ”are being picked on and bullied!!!” This is of course after the so-called International Criminal Court (another western foreign policy tool: recommended reading is Empire by renowned scholars Negri and Hardt; click here for a free online e-book – absolute worth reading though very challenging as highly esoteric and very long, though for the lazy-readers first two chapters plus the introduction is enough for you). The article has been running (and displayed online) for two straight days now!; would a Palestinian ‘appeal piece’ ever allowed or provided such a privilege, that is to use any – not just the highly propagandistic and pro-Jewish NYT – US media platform as a collective ‘political soapbox’, HEEEEELLLL NO!


How Big Business Is Helping Expand NSA Surveillance, Snowden Be Damned

Pillars of American ‘Democracy’: Introduction

Enjoy and hope as always we have been informative and educating.


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