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On The Jewish Question: My Full Personal [Policy] Clarification

On the question of the Jews inside the Muslim World and Palestine – as these are two different questions- I, personal position, hold this particular policy to heart and I will repeat it in the future.

All Jews residing within the Muslim World – at this point excluding Palestine – will be forced out of the Muslim World.

Any Muslim, brother or sister, married to a Jew will also be asked to leave with them that is not leave his or her Jewish spouses but fall them out of our proud lands; which means treated as traitors and collaborators with future threats to the unity. If these posses children during their marriage, they will have to take the children with them. These Muslims will never again (including their off-springs) allowed to set a foot inside the Muslim World, their punishment will be equal to the Jews themselves – forced removal. An important note must be made here: in undertaking such a policy (excluding Palestine, which is a different policy see below) all Jews will be removed in accordance to strict human rights laws; in other words, their security, properties, welfare and basic rights will be fully respected and thus removed with utmost diligence and respect to the persons (physical and property wise) without fear of harm or threats to their lives.

Now coming to Palestine, this is, of course, an entirely different issue since Jews of Palestine were forced-placed [t]here without full legal permission of the local Muslim (Palestinians) population. As such these will be treated differently and in accordance of the laws ‘as when one deals with armed occupiers’ supported by external powers and with ”armed forces” filled with foreign mercenaries (South African, South Americans, Russians, Eastern Europeans, ex-Foreign Legionnaires, Americans etc); Jews are the most feminist of human races and thus not into ”fighting and combat” even with propaganda of their ”martial skills” (hyped up propaganda; at Jenin in 2001 we met a fully-ranked and manned Russian tank squadron they could not even master a hello in Hebrew).

Anyway back to the point.

In Palestine, the Jews will be given two options. Peacefully remove themselves before the ‘Anschluss’ (reunification with Palestine) takes place or in other words before Muslim armed forces come pouring in, or secondly, forcefully [with brute and arms] be removed. In terms of the second choice, which will of course come years down after a great deal of unification is completed and secured and thus when Muslim are in good combat posture to withstand and fight to victory any ”intervening parties” in favour of Jews, when this time comes – namely option two, forced removal – ‘Operation Himmler aka Final Solution II’ will be put into play. For the present moment this will be left classified but I will give out a brief hint of what is to come when this option (No. 2) comes into play.

Imagine the barbarism of Genghis Khan (and every other Mongols armies after). Imagine the barbarism of Attila the [Terrible] Hun. Imagine the so-called ”Holocaust” under the Third Reich. Imagine your visions of Hell or as expressed by religious books and teachings. Imagine the worst form of genocide (to shame even Rwanda and Burundi or Congo). Then imagine what you can not imagine as much worse, more nightmarish and absolute barbarism. Then probably you might come about one-quarter [not] closer to understanding the full hell that Palestine Jews will be experiencing with the intended goal of wiping them out completely; from old to young to unborn, men to women, armed or unarmed. This is the Himmler aka Final Solution II option awaiting Jews in Palestine in future if opted out for option two with continuing belief of their foreign masters coming to their rescue as always.

Good reading can be found here and here (and many other example out there) of what ”armed” Jews are actually ”good at”; namely, bullying and scaring little children only not actual local fighters, for this they have to ”import” fighters from overseas (see the list above plus Ethiopians-Jews).


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