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The Muslim World (& Middle East) Today: The ”M & A of Resistance”, aka The Alliances and Merges Between ”Islamist” Figthing Groups & Old Ruling Regimes’ Guards and Support Bases

In Somalia, after the fall of Said Barre and the coming of Islamic forces under the aegis of Al-Qaeda warriors of Soviet-Afghan Wars, the (Barre) old regime loyalists with their tribal support bases initially fought off their ”old Islamists” enemies but soon learned the harsh reality of survival which dictated the need to embrace and ally with these forces, especially under the [local populace] popular ‘Islamic Flag of Unity’. From here we saw a birth of phenomenon that is not entirely nouveau or revolutionary in global or Islamic history; the merger of two old enemies, religiously-inclined fighters and old ruling regime just forced out either from a coup, foreign intervention etc uniting for revenge and for power-play.

Recently, especially during the Iraq War of 2003 and the so-called ”Arab Spring”, this trend came in play again as, first, we witnessed the Iraq Baathist party members (”Saddam Loyalists” as many in the west label these ”little troublemakers”, remember Rumsfeld speech) slowly integrated their own ‘survival and relevance fight’  within the ‘Islamist’ principal group, formerly known as AQI (Al-Qaeda In Iraq) under Zarqawi which basically metamorphosed into today’s Islamic State (IS/ISIL/ISIS etc). Today IS is dominated and commanded by former Saddam Loyalists who command and direct it’s successful military operations in Iraq and Syria; though ‘shining operational-wise’ the most in Iraq, their homelands.

In Libya after the fall of the Great Muammar Gaddafi and his regime, the loyalists (predominantly secular socialists and anti-colonialists) saw their, similar, hopes of return to power and rule laid within mergers with ”old enemies, the Islamists”, and with old pan-Islamism dreams and pan-Arabism predominant among the old guards of (mainly secular, nationalists and socialists) Baathists parties of Arabian and North African Nasserites under an unified Islamic Flag as flown by the Islamic State this was the natural thing.

In Egypt the recent behind the doors western supported coup (counter-revolution) against a popular ”Islamist” national party, The Muslim Brotherhood (hereafter, MB), saw reality, also, hitting home within this party and it’s supporters that only THE WAY OF THE GUN (violence) can truly acquires and SECURE power (in other words the promises of turn to ballot-box and democratic ways appeared all a sham when realpolitik came into play) and thus the slow merger between MB and local Al-Qaeda affiliates (now apparently sworn Ba’ya to the Islamic State; which further strengthen the idea that Islamic State is a representation of old ruling [interest] groups; which means ”controllable” rather than Al-Qaeda which is purely anti-old regimes come rain or sun, a true revolutionary group).

This trend is also been played out in Tunisia with another of the recent western (French) architect-ed return of Ben Ali’s old pro-western ruling elites to power. This has brought home the reality and necessity of the need to merger between anti-western interference parties of Islamists and secular (wearing Islamists gowns) nationalists parties.

Is Yemen next? As old western favoured, predominantly Sunni, ruling elites collide with local ”Islamic State” groups (not Al-Qaeda; never forget this point, namely, the purity of Al-Qaeda Revolutionary Ideals to those of the Islamic States favoured collisions – and coalitions – with old guards all making for interesting and disturbing/sad/bloodier future for the region).

So what does this mean?

It means;

[1] The Islamic World, especially the Middle East and North Africa, is doomed for years to come with blood-filled inter-conflicts, first between local western supported groups and Islamic State (with old guards) and after this – with no doubt whoever wins – will see further bloodshed either between ”allies” under the Islamic State umbrella as each realize they were using each other to reach the power centres and now the two will fight each other again – between actual ”Islamists” among the Islamic State and old guards keen to take what they believe it is theirs; also to note, the old-guards at this moment will again reach out to their western patrons and/or old enemies or remaining ”western client/puppets” states e.g Qataris etc; a perfect play out of ‘court politics’.

[2] And perhaps a point of relief and pleasure for many Muslims across the world is this fact: whatever happens the biggest losers will be the West – will be stopping here in discussing and analyzing the reasons behind this thesis – but it is guaranteed; examine all inter-plays, locally and beyond, to reach this similar fact.

Anyway, all in all the new merger trend is here to stay and here to set the MENA region into flaming fires of hell; start prepare your fickle hearts for suffering of local regional Muslims in the hands of own-kind, Muslims, morons, but the end-result is perhaps, to sound Machiavellian, worth it as the most hated enemies (west and their puppets) will no longer be left in reins and slowly this part of the world will seek to make peace among themselves and attempt to protect and sustain it between themselves without external actors interferences – the worthwhile price of shameless inter-bloodshed.

In short, today’s MENA conflicts and wars are similar to those of medieval Europe (to Westphalia treaty). Which means there will be more wars to come similar to European civil wars of 1914 and 1940s, but in the end, as in Europe and Asia (China and Russia), unity will be reality for all the morons. For us, nationalists, is not worth it, stay out and let them rip each other out and let the west get themselves caught in between with grand unimaginable and highly strategically catastrophic consequences for their worth/power in the world (sort of lose all-lose all not win or lose, or win or win, but lose and lose).

Interesting readings, western ways to divide and rule as stated by commentators for local Muslim morons benefits, click here and here.


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