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Predictions & Analysis: The Rise & Rise of Islamic State Khilafah Legitimacy & Popularity Among Global Muslims (and Fighting Groups Through The Bay’a)

The recent western (and Muslim World Western Client/Puppetry States) increased aggression and belligerency against the Islamic State, as well as increased ‘disinformation and propaganda’ – seen from the stories of orgies and rapes to apparent ”how to behave when a sister/a Muslim women” ”leaked manuals”, to ”sex-capeds of fighters with their wives” containing all sorts of misinformation on apparent expected behaviours of what to wear,  to the expected filthy kinky stuff and so forth – has rather increased (rather than decreased) Islamic States popularity – and perhaps more so it’s legitimacy among many Muslim sections and communities across the world, western and Islamic – of it’s legitimacy as a TRUE Khilalfah/Caliphate (or Islamic state).

Of course, Al-Qeada is still viewed as an important and revered Muslims ”special expeditionary commando forces” expected to be always be there for global Muslims in times of crisis, foreign occupations, belligerency, oppressions and the likes. But it is the Islamic State that has come to represent and portray itself as a legitimate government of the oppressed Muslims, and this is why we will see, in accordance to our predictions and analysis, continuing rise in popularity, support and strength of the Islamic State among many sections of the Muslim communities across the world. The West just created a legitimate actor.

Thus, here at JG, we can predict that we will be seeing an ever increase in migration net from across the world among the Muslim youths (to middle-age) going to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and any ”liberated areas” claimed to be now ruled under the Khilafah rule to fight or to support in setting out a legitimate government.

And…. actually we will leave it here don’t need to ”giveaway” intel easily.

Anyhow, two selected interesting articles for this weekend is this and this (an example of collision between Big Money, corporate world, banking and ”national security” elites with revolving doors).

The prediction and analysis here is based on …….


Many ‘analytical details’ have been suppressed and not shared here – since it will make an easier job for those who ‘are desperate for these very valuable insider intel’ – from the question of;

1. Why Muslims are not buying western counter-propaganda and misinformation? (if you are a Muslim we do not need to explain this)

2. Why we will be seeing more ‘defections’ from the west to the east (migration or hijra of the global Muslim to Khilafah administered areas)?

3. Where does our analysis and predictions come from (sources) and how did we come to these?

4. Why Islamic state will continue to rise in popularity and legitimacy among the Global Muslim?

and the likes.


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