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JG [Award] Winning Photos: The Old But Beautiful Stills (From Afghanistan c.1990s) of The Late Am’r Sheikh Usama Bin Laden (R.A./PBUH)

These pictures have been released today via western media; expect the usual dose of propaganda if seeking to refer to original sources; here (for CNN) or here for The Telegraph and here for Daily Mail.

Below we have picked up the most beautiful among the published selection of The Late Am’r Sheikh Usama Bin Laden (R.A./PBUH).

2695805700000578-2991827-image-m-69_1426195978611 This one is just beautiful; a screen-saver for sure.

2691C6E800000578-2991827-Ideologue_Al_Suri_seen_here_taking_photos_published_The_Call_for-a-25_1426188405781Bro Al-Suri, one of the gifted strategic thinker.

269585B600000578-2991827-image-a-49_1426195527394 One if the classics

2695433400000578-2991827-image-m-76_1426196060820Just gorgeous; our beautiful blessed lands.

2695800600000578-2991827-image-m-41_1426195453435Always smiling (R.A.).


2695805700000578-2991827-image-m-74_1426196028059Beautiful Tora Bora Mountains.

2695835500000578-2991827-image-a-37_1426195307022The Warrior-King poses.

2695853600000578-2991827-image-a-79_1426196089939On The March with his right-hand guard

2695856500000578-2991827-image-a-53_1426195617859The Honourable Guard and The Blessed Son

Hope you enjoy.

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