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The Tall-Tale Man: Maajid Nawaz & His ”Insider” Stories and Advices (Why Western Govs Never Get Anywhere and Perhaps Make Things Much Worse?)

This guy, Maajid Nawaz, seems ready to sell his very tall-tales of ”radicalization” to anyone who will listen and many want to listen within western government to such ”helpful insider’ intel”. But the fact that these government listen to people like him, people who tell stories as if they were centre of resistance or the actual shadowy leadership is exactly why they, namely western governments, will never be able to stop the growth of the so-called ”radicalization” of western Muslim youth and more seriously continue to exacerbate (escalate) the serious and violent-centric drama between Western (and greater) Muslims and western societies, states and governments.

Sometime one might just wonder if these types of ”special advisers” are the clever ‘Trojan Horses’ placed inside western governments to do exactly that, namely, exacerbate rather than truly assist these parties in dealing with the crises or perhaps these are just worthless traitors and collaborators in the game of [important as a result of their advice] further friction and mistrust between Muslim and the West.

Whatever which way goes, these types of people are a gift to the real Muslim resistance parties and group out there as these and their ‘collaboration and advices’ provide justification for funding, recruitment and supporting (rather than challenging) the resistance ideological positioning; House of Commons Report[s] once acknowledged the dangers of listening to these ”special advisers” liberally without further investigations and research and also pointed out perfectly and clearly the very reason to why there exists such a free-willing need to accept these individuals ”special insider advices” as it is easier to achieve, and most of the time ‘cheaper’ and most importantly ‘less time-consuming’ in reference to acting fast with policies and the likes.

But all said, individuals like Mr Naawaz are milking their ‘special advisory’ roles and will not lose a chance to do so; well done to these money-hungry type of people.hahah.

Here is his latest piece, this time US-printed , the New York Times; wow, Mr Naawaz will be going around selling his ‘expertise’ by showing his printed work on one of the most recognized international papers: The Education of ‘Jihadi John’ – NYTimes.com

For further readings on last [big and busy] week of ‘Muslims in the News’ click here.


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