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Breaking News: British Media (& Politico-Securocrat) Establishment Great Disappointment In The [None British Asian] Identity of the So-Called ‘Jihadi John’ (Muhammad Emwazi)

This is week has been a very busy, and a very big week, for the usual bash the Muslims and Islam ‘Old-New Boogeyman’ within Western Media, Political and Security (as well as societal) national discourse; for a MUST READ selection of these week news stories ranging from BBC ‘Survey’ (Muslims will no the real facts from invented ones) on British Muslim ”Attitudes” to the fuelling and the promotional growth of of ”Islam Is Evil” discoursing see yesterday post here.

Anyway for now we can all agree that reading the post-atmospheric views, after the breaking story of the identity of the so-called ‘Jihadi John’, of the collective establishment (namely, media, security and political) general body language and attitudes is that there is an inherent disappointment towards the revelations surrounding the racial identity of the individual as one not belonging to the ‘British Asian’, namely not of a Pakistani or Bengali, social/ethnic background, which has been the more favoured in supporting the propagandization of the ‘fear politics’ within the country; i.e. the us and them and the ‘laws’ that come after.


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