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UPDATED Few Selected [Good] Readings for The Weekend: The Telegraph Says ‘Muslims To Be Blamed For Being Marginalized In British Society’ (!?); UK Police Continues To Extend Their Unlimited Surveillance/Draconian Powers &tc

The police need to be reminded of their place in a free society
Police from several UK forces sought details of magazine readers
Remembering the Watts Rebellion, Operation Chaos and the Infectious Logic of National Security
The U.S. Media and the 13-Year-Old Yemeni Boy Burned to Death Last Month by a U.S. Drone
Worried about Muslims in Britain? Here’s the answer – Telegraph

Spy agencies could be funding research into how to use the weather as a weapon, scientist claims


We forgot to make an important observational point in response to the idiot (Messr. James Kirkup) who wrote The Telegraph article (see above) and made an ‘advisory point’ on how to make Muslims ‘more westernized’ and thus less religion-loving or proud (or practising); or ”radical” as popularly labelled; or as he puts it, corrupt them with wealth and ‘let their values … take care of themselves’ . He writes,

Worried about the rising number of Muslim children in our schools? Then you should hope they pass their exams, go to good universities and get well-paid jobs. Especially the girls. Really, turn more Muslims into fully paid-up members of the Waitrose-shopping, Audi-driving, Boden-wearing middle-classes and their values will take care of themselves.

Here is our feedback-response:

Of all those who went to fight or took up the cause and committed violent acts inside western borders how many were not ”members of the waitrose-shopping, Audi-driving, Baden-wearing middle classes”? In other words, this idiot, Messr. Kirup, should make an effort to have full knowledge of a subject before ”advising” or engaging with it. The point, in short, is it does not matter if Muslims are made more ”upper middle class-y” or more economically well-off, Muslims will always be moved by the suffering of fellow Muslims.

Finally, the answer to the above question, that many of those who took to the cause (with violence) they all came from these Audi-driving (many Audis as such), Waitrose-shopping, Baden-wearing middle and upper middle British Muslim classes, and it is not that the lower British Muslim classes are less able or ‘moved by the suffering of their fellow Muslims’ but for most …………… (will leave it here).

Oh, and in terms of an actual feasible advice:

STOP MEDDLING ON OTHER’S AFFAIRS and you will probably be irrelevant to idiots with violent attitudes; ask Scandinavian states and others. Of course, colonial mentality is ingrained within western foreign policy so there is no hope for such a divorce or a halt away from interference in other’s internal affairs, which means no end to idiots (old western colonial powers)-to-idiots (any resistant or independent-minded challengers to western interference) violent power-games.


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