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Hard Facts Post-Jordanian Pilot Killing (Moaz al-Kasasbeh): Islamic State Might Be Deplorably Barbaric But Almost All Muslims In The World (Hard Fact) Cheer Their Many Actions – WHY (read)?

Why the most recent deplorable killing – namely, the burning alive – of the Jordanian captured pilot by the Islamic State is secretly and openly a cheered act among the billion of Muslims across the world; believers and non-believers alike.

The answer is of course so simple though a very hard fact to be accepted by western public and ruling elites which is that the barbaric actions of IS can never be soiled, defeated, debunked, challenged or de-legitimized or branded completely as evil as long as these barbaric acts are carried out against the most hated grouping of people within the Muslim World and beyond (Muslim Diaspora across non-Muslim World). This group is, of course, that of the so-called ‘monarchs of Arabian’ who are [correctly] perceived and seen by the Greater Muslim community as the most treacherous, spineless and criminal people within the Muslim World; bowing and dominated by their western protectors and masters to oppress and suppress their Muslim people.

Above is the very simplest, and hardest to swallow, reason why even though a largest percentage of Muslim across the globe fear and do not support IS – and truly wish that these never control our Muslim World – they will never fail to have a big grin on their faces and a ‘happy heart’ when they see any group, including the barbaric IS, punishing – and seemingly the most severely and brutally the much better it appears favoured by Muslims – these treacherous grouping of ”self-appointed” and master-appointed ”Kings and Queens” of Arabian etc.

In short, the hardest truth is, though Muslims hate IS, they overwhemingly like their actions especially when these brutal acts are directed squarely against the most hated people within the Muslim World, and as stated above it appears the more brutal and barbaric the punishments are the happier and satisfied the Global Muslim are!

Final Point: I can assure you, readers, that every Muslim fighting groups and outfits out-there today (or rather yesterday) wished it was them who carried out such a symbolically powerful brutal assault on a symbolically most hated unit within the greater hated group of ”puppets”, the Jordanian Family. This family is seen as the most feeble and criminal of most as a result of it’s hand in the suppression of the most cherished group of people within the Muslim World, the Palestinians (closest kinship to these idiots, Jordanians) and how this family and Jordanians themselves keep (openly and secretly) having relations with an equally most hated group PLANTED wihtin the Muslim World, The Jews of Palestine. And of course after IS act, the Jordanians did not help with anything by carrying out a so–called ‘retaliatory revenge’ killing and perhaps most hated is the killing of an elderly Muslim [symbol of a] MOTHER (a Muslim sister/woman) – Oh Lordy, Lordy. This revenge act actually helped making the original act, killing of the pilot, much more hailed as ”welcomed and favoured” act among Muslims even if it was n the hands of IS! And lastly, within an hour of the airing of the ‘film’ Mr Abdullah (not Muslim King but Mister) he is seen seating obediently next to his master’s feet, US Pres. Obama at the Whitehouse.

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