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US Senate CIA Torture Report: It Too Fell Victim of Being Waterboarded!

So with great – and the usual pre-conditioning – media fanfare for weeks on in preparation of what ”was to come out” the US Senate Report on CIA and Torture finally came out and surprise surprise WE, of course, LEARNED NOTHING NEW OR EXPLOSIVE; actually we learned something ”new”, the apparent names of the ‘black sites’ as colour coded!!!

With Mme Feinstein, the conservative, in the sit – equivalent to UK’s Intelligence services select committee or ”watchdog” chaired by the old-boy Sir Malcolm Rifkind – of course one would expect nothing short of a whitewash and this was exactly what the public got, a complete wonderful white Christmas.

To mention by points the so-called revelations, we already;

  1.  Knew of the existence of ‘black sites’ and the actual host-countries
  2.  Knew of ‘Rectum force-feeding’ of Guantanamo victims
  3.  Knew of Waterboarding crimes, and how many times etc
  4.  Knew of threats to spouses, parents and family members, even a film was made on this very point with Samuel Jackson… Unthinkable!
  5.  We also knew about incompetence of those handling these sites and victims; even another filmed shown this issued played out, remember Zero Dark Thirty.

In short every ‘explosive new revelations’ are not really new and our free and independent media, again, fail to question the dark truth as these [viz., the media] have become so ingrained in the whole system, hence we also knew on about the apparent close relations between them and CIA (feeding leaks), or even the lies made by CIA leadership in front of previous senate appearances – from Hayden to present leadership – and so forth.

Now the only other ”new” whitewash to [long for and] await is the long overdue Iraq War Inquiry – Coming Soon Near You!!!

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