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Wish I Were Here: Zach Braff’s New ‘Pro-Jewish’ Lobby & Apologist Film

Zach Braff’s new film, Wish I was Here is truly one big piece of an apologetic spoken word on behalf of ‘conspiracies’ (reality and truth) levied upon Jews hold on US and Hollywood (even the film made a note of this point, of course in Jewish fashion, that is sarcastically). Now this is where the film even defeat itself that is even when attempting to seemingly ‘apologizing’ for this ‘lie’ (Jewish hold on US and Hollywood plus media etc) the film continues to propagandize and openly (attempt to)  continue conditioning the audience into the ‘Judaism way of life’ popular today. This ‘Jewish family’ is portrayed not as popularly portrayed in films and tv as successful, rich and influential but as just another ‘average folks families’ hard-beaten by life while still trying to keep to their faith and so forth. Anyway, if you want to go and waste your good hard-earned cash at the cinema or even wasting time to download it, simply – DON’T!!!



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