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Human MOTs: The Secret of Immortality (just philosophical enquiry)?

I was pondering about human beings and mortality, ageing and sickness. Why we die, age or get sick? Is it really because of ‘time is up’, diseases and so forth? and if so is there a secret to immortality or something close to it, that is, longer longetivity in human lifespan. I think I might have come upon a rather probable conceptual and perhaps theoretical answer, perhaps (emphasised).

My theory is if there is a way that biotechnologies (within nano-A.I. industries) can develop a swarm of nano-robotics ‘cleaners and mechanics’ for human bodies then we, just like cars, can live for longer with periodic MOTs, perhaps 5 years a part or even a year a part – for check ups and clean ups; my initial thoughts were advanced surgeries (but these will definitely take a toll on our bodies, the constant cut-ups etc).

You see we can clean and maintain our outer bodies but sadly we can not do so with our internal systems (e.g. intestines, being equal to car’s engine, or the brain it’s electronics), hence even the strongest, fittest, wealthiest and smartest of us in time succumb to the ‘fate of death’. We need to find something (an invention) which can really undertake a full-MOT for our bodies internal systems in particular the brain (removal of extra harmful fats, for example and other toxic residuals from alcohol, drugs etc) and intestines (food crumbles, remainings attached to the walls of our insides which undoubtedly slowly grows bacteria and others micro entities which slowly degrade the body systems by slowly weakening through ageing, sickness and in time, death; just think of how we fall preys to tooth-problems, by not cleaning our tooth and thus getting rid of ‘leftovers’ within the slots etc).

In short, humans are not fated to die – so I believe – and thus they can live seemingly either for a very very long time (further straining the welfare and health systems) or even live forever, if, and only if, perhaps (again using this word), we can innovative things which can repair, clean and routinely maintain our internal systems; lets make no excuses we already having the foundations of the means (advanced technologies and knowlegde to support these).

What do you think?



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