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Its Official (Government-Funded Study): Britain Is Ruled By Same Old ‘Oligarchical Power Families’

Well it took an officially funded government study to finally vindicate a common knowledge and observation that our nation (Britain) is, and has been, for generations since its founding, dominated and run by same ‘oligarchical power families’ known politely and more politically acceptable in positive connotations as the ‘old boys club’ not Mafia-State, not Oligarchy or other negative connotations seemingly reserved only for our non-western enemies in the likes of Russia, China etc.

Anyhow, for the main study link click here. For a number of newspaper articles summaries on the study please consult the selected list below;

How a narrow Oxbridge elite STILL dominates UK public life: More than 75% of senior judges and half the cabinet attended Cambridge or Oxford
Top of British society is a racket for the privileged | Owen Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian
Closed shop at the top, study shows
This article is interesting from The Daily Mail, apparently….
Britain is poorer than every American state except Mississippi (and even that’s only thanks to the South-East)
Others of informative interest are…
The Stone: The Wisdom of the Exile Uprooting, if we survive it, can be a philosophical gift.
True scale of police corruption claims revealed: Almost 100 officers a year are suspended over misconduct allegations
thomasfisherlibrary/Flickr The Origin of the Five-Day Workweek
5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile – in Less Than an Hour – US News
The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google
America’s new apartheid: Prosperous white districts are choosing to break away from black cities and go it alone


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