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Forced Out Of The Shadows: The Unplanned Unveiling of the Jews Hold [& Control] of The Hollywood (We All Already Know About The Media, Politics & Money)

Seth MacFarlane during the Oscar speech mentioned – apparently originally intended to be more comical ‘though perhaps  with essence of truth’ –  that ”If you are not a Jew or does not know a Jew or support Jews then your acting career has zero-chance”, so to speak (click this old post).

Then came Scarlett Johansson – Modern Jew’s popular golden screen girl to Diane Keaton of yester-years beside the paedophile Woody Allen – and her ‘pro-Jewish’ ad for some cola firm. For Ms Johansson the future looks very bright in Hollywood – straight away landing the role of Lucy. She will have more roles than she can play in future it looks.

Followed not too far is Gary Oldman and the remarks he had made during his Playboy interview that ‘this town [Hollywood] is run by Jews’. He was immediately forced to apologize and thus probably ending his brilliantly long and successful acting career.

And more recent, with crisis in Gaza, a leading group of Hollywood-based Spanish actors led by Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem signed a letter calling to an end of genocide in Palestine, the outrage never ceased to this day; are these actors on the ‘Hollywood Jews Executive Blacklist’ now as Mel Gibson and perhaps Gary Oldman. Only time will tell but does look more probable; Hollywood execs may blacklist Cruz, Bardem for accusing Israel of ‘genocide’  and Cruz and Bardem face the ‘fury’ of Hollywood over Israel ‘genocide’ letter.

Naivety is never a good trait. We all knew from the very old times how the Jews work. They ‘snake’ themselves into position of power, though not acquiring it (as no person throughout history has trusted them in such a position thus allowing them such complete power) but just powerful enough to place a huge weight in influencing positions and policies. First they targeted the banking and financial sector; again though not in full control they still do possess a fairly influential position within this sector. Then they went after the politics, simultaneously, acting as ‘wise men/advisers’ to kings and statesmen, and now they are well-placed to influence greater part of key policies. More recently they targeted the overstretched and mightier arm of [the key influential] global media and press; from lobbying, to placing own people, to buying and so forth (click the post below or here).

In reference of their plan in dominating Hollywood this can be seen from the early 1970s when many Jewish writers, producers and directors started to climb the ladder. Today, just take a look at any contemporary TV Series, sitcoms, movies and so forth and you will never fail to see something ‘without a Jew reference’; from Bar Mitvzahs to Krav Maga, to how they ‘cutely’ pronounce ‘gentile’ words; you can be assured to hear or see (that exposed to conditioning of) something ‘Jewishness’.

In short, Hollywood of today is Jewhood; a neighbour predominantly Jewish. Just A Fact!



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