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Palestine (Children) In Picture: Thanks To The Daily Mail (No Words Required!)

Keep emotions under disciplined control, sweet day will come!


The bodies of four children, three of them from the same family, lie on a slab at the morgue at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City



Innocent victim: This child was one of many Palestinians injured last night as Israeli bombs rained down on Gaza, destroying homes as well as military targets



A Palestinian medic tries to comfort a wounded boy at Shifa hospital, in Gaza City as Israel continued its ground offensive deeper into Gaza today


Terrified: A Palestinian child shouts at doctors at al-Shifa hospital. But Israeli public opinion appears to strongly support the offensive after days of unrelenting rocket fire from Gaza and years of southern Israeli residents living under the threat


A young girl is treated for her injuries inside the emergency room in Shifa Hospital following a missile attack on her home in Gaza City


A wounded baby receives treatment at al-Shifa hospital, in Gaza City


A wounded baby receives treatment at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City


Condemnation: Israel had been reticent about launching a ground offensive for fear of endangering its own soldiers and drawing international condemnation over Palestinian civilian deaths


Wounded: A wounded Palestinian boy waits to receive treatment after arriving to the Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Israeli aircraft have struck more than 2,000 targets in Gaza and 261 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the fighting


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