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Animal In The News: The Lessons To Learn!

of course the ‘amazing’ story of the week is the apparent cat who saved the child: click here and watch. nevertheless there are more questions than the usual the media favoured soundbites; for example, the clear main question is was it really a deliberate animal instinctive attempt to save it’s owner or was it a mere cat-and-dog hate instinct in play?? We can not know the real answer for sure but we can enjoy our ready made heroic tales for now.

But perhaps, and for this blog, the amazing story is that of the ‘wildlife’ survival games between the big beasts and beasts of prey in the wild. Click here for an amazing lessons of warfare from the wildlife (all principles of war can be observed here to some extent). This is just beautiful, shows how even the biggest and ”well-trained” professional armies, so to speak, can be brought to defeat et cetera et cetera…… will leave it here for the professionals to deduce.


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