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The Truth about the Pharrell Dance: ‘Happy’ British Muslim Dancing to Pharrell, Honesty Policy and British Muslim for Secular Democracy

If you have not heard of British Muslim for Secular Democracy then go out and research, and investigate, it as it is yet another in the pipeline of many of so-called ”independent”, ”grassroot-y”, ”non-profit” organizations set by British State Police/Government to manipulate, control, dominate and de-Islamitize the British Muslim.

The recent so-called ”Happy Muslim Dance” (that is, idiotic ”Muslims” dancing around in public to the in famous Pharell Song, Happy) is nothing but just another one of the publicity and PR efforts to reach wider audience in order to shift (via positive rather than negative, that is threats of jail, torture, citizenship stripping, deportation, extradition, etc etc) Muslim attitudes indirectly by ”presenting” them as ‘modern and westernized’ in mannersim and behaviour. Only idiots will be fooled, the clever (the many) will just put up another layer of bricks in the wall of resistance to manipulation, desensitization and corruption of one’s traditionalism, culturalism, identity and religiosity.


News headline selection:

Why We Keep Losing Our Keys
Under attack: Westminster is awash with tales of young men being sexually harassed – but it’s far from being just a problem in politics
New Banksy artwork ‘stolen’ from wall using crowbar – by man who caught him on CCTV (an attempt to prepare the way to ‘justify’, possibly, the coming disappearance of the controversial and now most popular Banksy anti-surveillance state graffiti outside the heart of GCHQ)
Banksy that appeared on a house overnight and tripled its value! Graffiti mural featuring spies in trench coats is painted on wall of semi-detached home near GCHQ
Vast network of roadside cameras puts privacy in peril
HMRC to sell taxpayers’ data
Now our tax data could be sold to businesses: Government planning change in law to allow release of ‘anonymised’ data to third parties
British Gas staff ‘paid bonuses tripling their £25,000 salaries if they inflate customers’ bills by 60% by targeting charities and small businesses’
Barclays new overdraft rates nearly as bad as payday loans: Banks being investigated by regulator over charges
More delays for controversial NHS data harvesting programme as Government adviser says scheme was mishandled
I had underage sex with police officers at guest house used by ‘VIP paedophile ring’: Astonishing allegations by masseur who worked as a 16-year-old at notorious party venue ‘used by politicians, judges and pop stars’
Who’s been rifling through your suitcase? It’s been revealed airport staff secretly open thousands of holidaymakers’ bags. But that’s just the start of it…
Are you turning into your Dad? The top ten signs you’ve embraced dad-ism
So what CLASS are YOU? A wickedly funny and all-too perceptive new book has the answer… and it hinges on your favourite marmalade and what you buy at M&S
How to get THREE TIMES more juice from your lemons – and other brilliantly simple kitchen tips that will change your life




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