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The Beautiful Blowback: The Positive Effect of Western Governments’ Anti-Muslim ”Laws” (Veil Ban, ”Anti-Terror” etc) and The Homeland Intra-Muslims ”Sectarian” Wars

In the past we sought to criticize and at times advice against the western proliferation of anti-Muslim (or for the religious-minded, anti-Islamic) ”laws” from the likes ”anti-terror” to veil/nikab/burka bans but now we have come to learn [in wisdom] the positive effect of these, and we hope more of these ”laws” are introduced. Why?

Because studying, critically, the [positive] effect of these within local /western Muslim communities we have come to appreciate the secretly held truth (within these communities) that these ”laws” are actually helping in mobilizing (and moving) Muslims communities towards full strengthened loyalties and secret support for the ‘devils their know’, that is any resisting Islamic forces. To put it in simpler words, the more the western political-security elites lobby for and introduce the not dissimilar fascists policies and laws targeting Muslim populations (Nazis forced Jews to be ‘seen’ by wearing their star-symbol on their arms; ”Jihadists” are forcing Muslims to wear traditional Islamic clothings; and so-called ”Liberal Democracies” of western Europe are now forcing us, the Muslims, to get rid of our identities; what is the differences between these three- Nothing, they all share commonalities of ‘abusing’ legality of ‘local traditions and laws’ to force changes or sameness in ”them” against ”us” parameters) the more they are openly (and in secret) losing support of these communities allegiances and support and slowly seeing almost open support of the so-called ”Jihadists”, ”extremists”, ”Islamists” etc. Why?

Because Muslim Populations are now left to look to those who they believe actually are less of a threat to their traditional cultural-religious rights even if these are feared more. Many have warned against taking people liberties even if ”cleverly” disguised or introduced as ”common good laws” etc, those fearing the lose of these liberties will rather allied themselves with the most feared elements among themselves; the ease alignment with resistance forces even the most diabolical of religious tyranny in form simply because these are already one of us, and who better to trust in testing times but your own kind even if these are more dangerous to your rights and liberties (the ‘devil you know scenario); the psychological complexities of human nature, better to surrender ones liberties to ones own group rather than to outsiders, as the former appears more tacitly given or transferred to, while the latter as unwanted or unwelcomed imposition!

This is why these ”laws” are a blessing to Muslim unity. The beautiful blowback taking place already, aligning rather than dividing Muslim populations, communities and people together. And we welcome it.

Have you ever wondered why specific states, for example in the likes of UK and France in particular (as majority Muslim Diasporas western nations, and as front-states on ‘war against Muslims’, or/and ‘Laws against Muslims’) experience the highest levels of ‘inspired young Muslim wannabe-fighters’ travelling to the so-called lands of the idiots (oops, meant Jihad); see the correlation, the tighter the ‘repression’  the greater the ‘aspirations’ for unity (through violence, for many of our more idiotic groups)!

As for homelands (inside our Muslim nations) civil ”sectarian” wars, we can briefly reiterates the wisdom of old philosophers, that is civil wars or any wars between same people is good as these sort of aggression will in the end see one group coming up top and in more powerful form than old groups, and at the present, two-plus-two (that anti-Muslim ”laws” inside the west and internationalized) are seeing the resistance gaining momentum in popularity as ‘champions of Muslims/Ummah” (or Islam for the religious-minded). This is just aother piece in the beautiful blowback taking place, and with all these, for us, nationalists and secularists, our future looks very very bright, as we will be able to manoeuvre with ease ourselves and our ideological positioning (of equality and justice, religious etc freedom and liberties, self-autonomy and de-ensalvement and anti-colonialism/imperialism) into the top positioning as the old (the monkeys, puppets of external masters) and the new (Islamists tyrants) will (and are already) exhausting themselves as well as our people psychologically, ideologically, economically, and physically, and it is then for us to come in and propagate; tired people will be ready to welcome the ‘third way/option”; patience is the foundation.

In short, the future is looking too good and we are no longer going to criticizes but rather ‘blow on the flames’ for all idiots [on all sides] to unconsciously and unknowingly bring into our warm bosom embraces of our people.

Must Read Articles of the Week:

[1] Henry Porter: secret courts and British openness and Lies, spies, cover-ups and corruption… the sickening extent of Stephen Lawrence’s betrayal by the police is exposed

For those who did not know that there are three-tiered justice system, one for the rest of us, one for the super-rich (so-called ‘one-percent’) and finally for the untouchable securocrats.

Added Sunday 9th March 2014: Met chief’s bid to use secret courts to seize whistleblowers’ files is foiled in victory for open justice

[2] The Washington Post Uses Biased Experts to Promote Propaganda on Venezuela

This is based on our warning never ever trust any of so-called ”independent media”. This comes from the new media venture by the infamous journalistic team of Greenwald, Poitras, Sachill et al., called The Intercept.

[3] How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

This also comes from The Intercept as part of Snowden Leaks, good read.

[4] We’re not all in tune with the music: Minority can listen without experiencing any emotion

This study is just another of old European racism masquerading as ”academic research”. Echoing the old social organic theories of Victorian age of Herbet Spencer, Darwin and the likes. Good Read.

Finally you have Shadows of a thug state and Severely autistic man, 33, ‘hurled into bins and pinned-down by police officers as he helped binmen collect rubbish because he LOOKED SUSPICIOUS’ (an autistic Muslim pinned down just because he looks Muslims and ”terrorist-like” by UK Police!).



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