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Carry On Spitting: Calling For Civil Disobedience In & Around Leicester Streets!

This week a new by-law was passed by the Leicester City Council that will see people getting fines of up to 80GBP for spitting in the streets of Leicester; click here for the article.

Remedy against the slow train to fascism (already taking place across the nation, from over-policing surveillance power, to security surveillance, to coming soon laws that will give the police powers to stop remotely your cars, to anti-freedom of religious expression, or media freedom, to anti-terror and stripping of citizenship leaving individual to the fate of torture without accountability and much much more) is to slowly refusing to abiding to these ”little draconian laws” (which are psychologically engineered to condition you and me to slowly adapt to our ever increasing limitations on civil rights and liberties of course presented as in the name of our security; remember remember the fictional V for Vendetta of how the new party came to power!).


To fight surveillance state soon we will all need to be ‘without differences’ when in public, from wearing masks to low baseball caps, to masking voices, or even wearing similar ‘futuristic-styles clothing’. In short, to fight mass surveillance and tyranny/fascism we will need to stand together and act as a single culprit as we are single victims of the powerful new liberal fascists states.

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