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2014 A Year for Change: New Year Message For Greater Global Islamic Resistance

Below are key set of advice for Greater Global Islamic Resistance for coming 2014. Lets make 2014 a Year for Responsible & Intelligent Change in our quest for Liberation, Freedom and Unity (Victory).

Most of these points are dealt with in details on the page above, titled ‘Al-Qaeda 3.0 or United Muslim Front’ (Highly Recommended Reading).

  1.  Stop fuelling internal (intra-Islamic) divisions. These so-claimed ”historical divisions and enmity” is central focus of our enemies strategy of ”divide and rule”. This means all Muslims (Sunni or Shias, or whatever, secular etc) are of one Kinship Familial Blood. We are citizens of Islamic World, simple.
  2. Stop Targeting innocent civilians, Muslims or non-Muslims. Period.
  3. Stop overseas operations against Non-Muslim states (meaning, in particular, western nations and their peace-loving peoples).
  4. Any person with privileged information of intended criminal [or ”terror”] acts against peaceful civilians should report the responsible criminal parties to responsible local authorities esp. inside (and thus outside Islamic world) western nations, with the so-called ”Lone Wolves”.
  5. Any groups that continue to misbehave or conduct themselves irresponsibly like ISIL (in particular this group) should be condemned, isolated, chastised and blacklisted among the Greater Global Islamic Resistance as criminal, terrorists and mostly as a subversive enemy agents. Remember ‘Operation Gladio’, the enemies will always make an effort to ‘create and raise parallel ”resistance” units’ to pretend to be part of greater Global Islamic Resistance and to act badly so to ruin our reputation among our own people, their own people (to legitimize their criminal greedy foreign wars of ”intervention or humanitarian, or ”against terror” etc) and to the global public.
  6. DO NOT IMPOSE ‘SALAFICATION OR ISLAMIFICATION’ on liberated areas and peoples.
  8. Respect others beliefs (religious, political or cultural).
  9. Respect others choices and freedoms (religious, cultural, political or sexual).
  10. Operations should be conducted inside the borders of Islamic World Only and against criminal, weak-spine puppet tyrants and their supporting ‘pillars’.
  11. All efforts of peaceful and diplomatic rapprochements should be prioritized before any ‘armed acts’ on the ‘puppet regimes’. Efforts should be made ‘to win over’ the key pillars and thus isolating the puppet-leaders bases.
  12. Underground networks MUST be prepared and set out to support resistance efforts across the greater Islamic World; these can make sure that ”wars” are never lost as each time the resistances face a setbacks these covert networks can pop-up and re-create the old battlegrounds for new engagements.
  13. Strategic Objective in this war should be ONLY TO LIBERATE AND UNITE not to enforce new religious-tyranny or ‘force Islamisation’ etc. Everyone should be left to their freedoms and customs. simple. The war is and should be another stage in the long running wars of national liberation against greedy foreign imperial and colonial powers.

Have a great 2014!!!

Lets be responsible for a chance of victory!



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