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Al-Qaeda 3.0: Bravo to AQAP For Heeding To Level-Headed Advice!

My first ‘briefs’ or drafts of those ”Al-Qaeda 3.0” documents (see the page above), were first ”leaked” to affiliates close to AQAP (the resistance from my ancestral home-country); these were leaked when some forum administrators (linked closely to AQAP) picked my original drafts sent to a friend who apparently shared with them. These administrators emailed myself with ”congratulations” and wanted to make my documents available to their members which of course I did not answer back.

Anyway, I am proud my ‘works’ may [is or might] change the course of the Global Islamic Resistance thus at least when my [grand]child ask me ”what did you do during the ”wars”?”, I can proudly say, ”I did this!” (and not ashamed about it).

AQAP recent PR retraction on the hospital assault as the work of a rogue resistance fighter was i reckon to the point of my advice, so (one might claim) too is the ‘Mali AP Documents’ written by Droukhel of AQIM, and even the most recent Al-Zawahiri’s ”Brief Guidelines on ………”.

Do I support Salafi-Jihad? HELL NO (I am a secular non-practicing National Social liberal democrat Muslim)!!!!!!!!

But I will and do always support the wronged-parties, Muslim or Not.



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