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Al-Qaeda 3.0 (United Muslim Front): Statement No. 3 (A Further Discussion On The Vietnamese Model, Full-Text)





By: Abu Islam Al-Sahil



First let’s recap what we mean by ‘Vietnamese Model’?


A Vietnamese Model refers to my argument that the contemporary global Islamic resistance need to conduct themselves in accordance to what was observed or studied in reference to the Vietnam Wars of 1960-70s in their quest for Global Muslim liberation and unity.


The Vietnamese suffered incredibly all forms of despicable acts imaginable from mass atrocities, to mass genocide, mass rapes, mass pillages, mass extermination, mass environmental and resources destruction and many of the kind of mass crimes against humanity. However the Vietnamese as a people and as the resistance (especially the Vietcong Forces) never ever resorted to similar despicable behavioural acts against their enemies. They did not cross over and committed acts of crimes or terror against peace-loving innocent Americans or any other peaceful innocent westerners (people or states). They did not nilly-willy blew themselves up. They did not make the war a religious war (instead they cleverly made it a national people’s war, as I keep argue for). In other words, the Vietnamese never lived by the principles and practices of ‘an eye for an eye’ as practised by their enemies, rather they cleverly (actually very very clever) sought out the opposite (the highest point of moral justice), their primary goal, in essence, was to win the war through a moral defeat of their enemies.


To further simplify what this point means, is this, they, the Vietnamese resistance and people, left their enemies, US and allies, to defeat themselves through their illegal, immoral and highly belligerent imperial dirty wars. By doing so, what the Vietnamese achieved was a strategic masterpiece of a victory; the ever sought out model by every war practitioners and strategists. Through patience and not over-reaction the Vietnamese people and their fierce resistance took every despicable criminal acts committed against them (without doing same) and chose to openly held accountable the shadow/secret governments behind global western wars of aggression and imperialism. This was a masterstroke which won the war for the ‘little resistance’. As first their resolution and strategy strengthened internal will for a long protracted ugly war against foreign imperial enemies as local Vietnamese wholeheartedly turned to their resistance for support even when defeat looked inevitable and imminent at times. Secondly, the strategy paid off by turning an entire peace-loving world against western imperial aggression committed on a peaceful state of Vietnam and as diplomatic isolation and protests built, so too internally, that is within western states themselves, similar peace-loving western people/population started to voice their protests against their ‘actual elected’ governments and their ‘secret governments’ aggressive wars. All these, by logic, thus forced those local national western ‘actual elected’, not shadowy and secret, governments to finally also voice their own protest and to lobby their powerful parallel secret/shadowy governments (architects of western wars of aggressions and colonialism) to bring an end to their dirty wars, fearful (i.e. the elected governments) of losing their hold on national power as elected government (the power of electoral democracies even in limits).


In short, this is what our contemporary global Islamic resistance should try to do today (learn and embrace as their own strategic blueprint) by emulating the Vietnamese (hence Vietnam Model for Victory); leave our enemies to tighten their own nooses and thus to hang themselves by their own dirty and belligerent hands or deeds. Hold them accountable. Turn their popular support into popular protests. Leave them isolated, vulnerable and weakened with no one to support them morally, psychologically or physically. Take their illegal authority and legitimacy for illegal and imperialistic wars away from them. This is the only way the resistance today can win this [yet another of western secret/shadowy governments] dirty war.



Assalam Aleikum Warhamtullahi Wabarkatul,


Abu Islam Al-Sahil.




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